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The Constitution requires two-thirds of the Senate to approve treaties. Copyright ©2020 Media. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is expected to wedge climate issues into tonight's debate even if there are no questions about the environment, former Secretary of State John Kerry told donors at a private fundraiser, according to audio obtained by E&E News. It can be an election. But we knew we couldn't mandate it. Countries that were already reluctant have just gone back to being reluctant," he said. "More money was invested in alternative and renewable energy than in fossil fuel for the first time in human history," Kerry said. The incident was widely condemned with a call for justice on both sides of the political aisle. Biden tapped Kerry to co-chair the unity task force on climate with supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) presidential run. What say you, @SamanthaJPower? SIGN UP HERE. He has, once again, proven that he is a powerful negotiator. Black Lives Matter is an ideological movement, not one interested in a debate on how to improve the lives of black Americans. The agreement, signed at the White House, saw the leaders promise to “to take the necessary steps to prevent any terrorist or hostile activities against each other on or from their respective territories, as well as deny any support for such activities abroad or allowing such support on or from their respective territories.”, On Wednesday, Twitter began circulating the video of Kerry’s 2016 comments which, according to Tablet magazine associate editor Noam Blum “aged like milk in a sauna.”, John Kerry with a 2016 Middle East take that aged like milk in a sauna. We also know the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and some members of the military are at odds internally and with the administration. To understand why this rhetoric is so dangerous, you have to follow some history related to the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine and the activities of our own State Department in a program called Civil Society 2.0. One of the defining characteristics of our nation is the peaceful transfer of power following free and fair elections. Biden's new plan still aims at 2050, but it now includes several intermediate goals, like net-zero electricity emissions by 2035. Then he paints it as systemic by stating the pattern repeated itself recently in Georgia. All these revolutions benefitted from our State Department’s Civil Society 2.0 Tech Camp training in organizing and collaboration. The objections are framed as voter suppression by Democrats. Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. Of course, Trump’s critics have repeatedly been tripped up by the president’s bold decisions, such as moving the American Embassy to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem and taking out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

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