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Evidentally, they must have been changed since 1964. Here's what it looks like: (Dylan crouching on 52nd Street) I looked closely at the tall office buildings in the background to the left of Dylan, and figured the photo might have been shot in lower Manhattan, around Fifth Avenue in the 20's, near where I had once also lived. When Jerry had mentioned the Meatpacking District on the website, that had made sense to me because it was located close to Greenwich Village, near to where I assumed Dylan was living at that time, and also near The White Horse Tavern where Dylan used to go in the early 60's to watch the Clancy Brothers. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment. I found two out of three of the photos I set out to find. (Close-up showing skyscraper windows; from the album Jan Erik Vold - Kåre Virud - Telemark Blueslag, © 2003-2020 However, it turns out that around the time of Blonde on Blonde, Dylan had moved and was living in the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Big disappointment. On one of the photos, Dylan is balanced on a small green Christmas tree stand. “Once he did that, it seems like something’s going on,” Kramer tells Egan of the photo’s cryptic narrative quality. And if we superimpose that on a shot of the corner that comes from a Billy Joel music book for his album 52nd Street, we get Dylan being photographed right about here (actually its a little to the right across from the Alvin Hotel sign, but a truck is in the way.). In This Article: It took about 10 minutes. (Excerpt from the New York Public Library.). Here's another shot of the "masks" photo -- this time in color: (Dylan in front of mask window - in color) And in this shot, I superimposed the view out the door onto the Google Street View across from #4 Gramercy Park West to show the matchup of the Iron gate. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment. The questioner reads a lot of significance into the photo. Finally, we move to the shots of Dylan in the arcade playing with a rifle-shooting game that can all be found at Google Images when searching "Sandy Speiser Dylan." That would put the mask store on the opposite corner of The Alvin Hotel, so the "mask window" must have been located at the Southwest corner of 52nd and Broadway. Dylan is wearing a scarf, so it's probably fall or winter. Photographer: Sandy Speiser. #4 Gramercy Park West from two angles, present day (2011). Having found nothing, I stopped into a fire station in the neighborhood and to ask a fireman if they had any older firefighters who might recognize the building from the album cover. Photographer: Sandy Speiser. Dylan would have been just around the corner. (Bob Dylan at a city street corner under a street sign.) here. All my photos are from the sidewalk. (Album: Highway 61 Revisited (released August 1965 by Columbia records) So I went to Google images and entered "Gramercy Park." Photographer: Jerry Schatzberg. One of the addendum photos... (click above to see more). Photographer: Sandy Speiser. I have to say it was pretty close, but no cigar. Album One cover to go. The studio was located in the top floor (7th floor) of 799 Seventh Avenue on the southeast corner of 52nd Street, just two blocks east from where the cover photo was shot. 3) A color picture of Dylan looking pensive in front of a tall building. (note: in my original entries I had the man holding the sax identified as Chet Baker, and later Art Pepper. (Close-up excerpts from Daniel Kramer's photo of Album: Blonde on Blonde (released May 1966 by Columbia records) Hmmmm. There is also a building behind him with a horizontal band of small square windows on it. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment. (Dylan crouching on 52nd Street, flipped.) I hope this PopSpots entry encourages someone to do some further digging into the Blonde on Blond cover, which has become somewhat my elusive Holy Grail. (Above 4 photos from the New York Public Library online archives.). And then came out and got photographed here on 52nd just west of 7th Avenue, first crouching down, then standing. 4’ Deep Cut ‘St. Location: Front steps of 4 Gramercy Park West, New York City. So on the cold day that Dylan and Jerry Schatzberg had their photo session, if they started out from the Chelsea Hotel, they might have walked west to where the NEW art gallery district is today (called, not ironically: The Art Gallery District) - around western 23rd Street. Note: This was a double album. Gramercy Park is kind of the rich man's version of Washington Square Park, the park in the Village where street singers hang out and the folk music revival of the early 60's partly started. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment. So, I thanked him for his new lead, and I said his book was great he wished me good luck trying to find the building. Released by Sony BMG. "Blonde on Blonde," another of my favorite albums, is a two-record album (one of the first rock double-albums, if not the first). It was home to James Harper or Harper & Row, and later a mayor of New York, as evidenced by the two lamps in front: a mayoral tradition. In the last few years as this area has become very trendy with high fashion nightclubs and restaurants and it was very likely that the "Blonde on Blonde" building might have been knocked down to make way for a new building. Or maybe Bob Dylan himself, the only other player from that day (that I know of), will write about the cover shoot location in his next book (or email the location to PopSpots.). But before I go there, I want to mention another clue to this album cover site that I never heard about until February of 2008. The next installment of Bob Dylan‘s epic Bootleg Series, The Cutting Edge 1965–1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol. The famous image came about when Dylan sat down on the front stoop, in front of the apartment building’s ornate doorway. Dylan had gone in and put on a motorcycle t-shirt and the photographer positioned Dylan's friend (Bob Neuwirth) with a camera, behind him, and took two frames and "that was that.".

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