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Log on to and tune in to Bold (CBC's digital channel) every day at 4:30 pm ET for the CBC World Cup Post-game Show presented by CIBC for a daily wrap-up of the day's news, with match highlights and analysis. Rather, England’s gross underachievement – of the last 6 years, at least, must be tied to tactical failings. In past tournaments, our goaltending often saved us in mediocre games. How will fans & media & coaches & teammates react to their bad games? It will be interesting what Löw has in mind. Consider this. The coaches never trust the kids to ust figure it out for them selves. In addition to the ones you mentioned, Castro is at Leverkusen, Howedes is at Schalke, Wagner is at Bayern Munich and Marko Marin is a fringe player for the German national side despite playing for Gladbach. Brazil in the final, with the obvious result. Just this May, England beat Spain (!) Many people will hate Osorio for his mistake, however, I think that the fact that they saw that Argentina was given an “offside goal” (by the way, how could that happen in the stadium?) The 4-4-2 is far too rigid to work in modern day football. The England defence’s weaknesses were over due to be exploited by the likes of Özil, Podolski and Klose as the game seemed to tip eastward by the minute. So often we’d see Gerrard and Lampard exchanging short passes in the middle of the pitch that ruined any flowing movement. Never, ever are players encouraged to think for themselves. Someone says something, and now its all in the power of the translator to decide whether to go literal or convey meaning. Gareth Barry had a really poor game in the holding role, but you can’t help feeling slightly sorry for him and Frank Lampard. He doesn’t have the football intelligence. I remember reading an interview with Eriksonn where he tried to implement a 4-3-1-2 with England only for captain Beckham to pull him aside and “ask” that they go back to 4-4-2 because the players felt “more comfortable” playing it. He never had a problem with tactical discipline when he was younger, people say he can’t play the central role in a 2 as he deserts the middle, that might be true now, but then he is expected to win games for sides now, that was never the case when he was younger. Perhaps this will free England up to be more tactically innovative? When Shaun Wright-Phillips replaced Glen Johnson, the cameras showed England fans asking the obvious question–”Why?”–as the hour had run too late for anything tactical to save the evening, it all seemed to underline the english failings on virtually all fronts. The 3rd German goal (Müller on the counter after delayed give-and-go with Schweinsteiger) is exactly the goal Butt usually doesn’t concede – in fact it’s a must-save. Being an Englishman or not should definitely not be the deciding factor to find the best one. What I’ve been loving about Muller is his unselfishness. It was expected of him to end as ball playing CB (something England really lacks), but it’s tough to see at the moment. This is one thing that I have long argued – that Gerrard doesn’t have the discipline for the middle. And as I like Özil, I think Müller could be the guy to watch for MVP of the world cup – even so a long way ahead. I thought that anyone who had watched Germany’s first and second game would have realised this. I guess barring the English think tank, everybody associated with the game watched Mourinho’s demonstration on how to play without the ball in both the CL semi and finals ! The more I think about it the more I think that England were set up as an attacking side – kind of laughable considering the limited goal threat we possessed during the tournament. He even implemented the system with every young England side from youth to U-21 level (He had his famous falling out with the media and Hoddle friendly Peter Taylor who wanted to stick with 3-5-2). Its been like that with almost all of their goals. Milner and Gerrard on either side were drifting inward , perhaps in search of solidity, but left the wide players isolated and stifled. I think that Germany has some wonderful players. It’s a small distinction, but an essential one. I heard a former German International after the game and he emphasized the absolute necessity of complete midfielders (box to box). The likes of Loach, Cattermole and Muamba will never make the step-up to the national team because they’re not good enough yet the German boys just destroyed us. Podolski is a little bit poor in this, but Klose and Müller have the intelligence to cooperate with Özil. I think the point the media is trying to make is that this English team has been around the England set-up for a longer period of time and should have been more accustomed to playing together. I reckon they may have same problem at the next world cup as France and Italy have had at this one – a lack of quality young players coming through to replace the current crop. Perhaps no counter-attacking team truly deserves to be called brilliant, however sharp and incisive their moves may be. There wasn’t a national onslaught to get rid of Wenger, Ferguson or Ancelotti when their respective clubs got kicked out of the Champions League. The big problem comes when you have 2 central midfielders and an attacking midfielder going up against 2 central midfielders. But Uruguay referee Jorge Larrionda waved play on, denying England a clear goal. Lampard and Gerrard are Englands best 2 options…. The first half could be held up as an example of why teams have moved away from playing 4-4-2 and started playing 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 formations. Sometimes he got his tackles right but often the balls landed in even more dangerous positions. England had their problems. Why do some people keep saying this? Schweinsteigers transformation from a tricky winger to “holding” midfielder has been unbelievable. Maradona for one. I am sure ZM could write essay’s on this topic ;=), The football writers in England all have players who they suck up to, either they ghost write their books or they feed them inside stories… It’s pretty pathetic… They will never criticise their pets…, Totally agree with you and I’ll check out the list.

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