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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Update Tuesday, October 13: Steffy’s Huge Step Impresses Finn – Zoe’s Confession Pulls Zende Closer. He was Forrester's new COO, and she had new responsibilities with Hope's line. The guys pretended they were fine. Hope believed that Steffy wanted a partner in life. At Forrester, Thomas was still trying to pitch himself as the HFTF designer, but Hope was still preoccupied with why Liam was obsessing over Steffy's relationship with Finn. He asked how people could get to know each other better than by sharing the bathroom sink. She asked if he knew he was allowing her to come and go as she wanted. Though Finn understood that Liam would always care for Steffy and was Kelly's father, none of it gave Liam the right to make dangerous accusations about Finn, like he'd crossed ethical lines as her doctor. Thomas asked why Hope was upset that Liam had rushed over to Steffy's house. By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms 2, © 2020 CBS Interactive. Liam complained that the dependency had happened on Finn's watch, and Finn was the medical professional. • Get a sneak peek with The Scoop's previews and spoilers. They hadn't been together that long, but the year had taught him not to wait or put things off, especially when it was about something that brought him joy. Thomas said he and Hope were in the middle of something, but Hope invited Zende inside. Liam insisted that the whole thing could have been avoided if Finn had kept it professional and not pursued a relationship with Steffy. Hope replied that it was Steffy's private life, and Steffy got to decide with whom she spent time. Hope knew that Liam would always look out for "them." She figured it had to do with Finn. Congrats To B&B On 23 Daytime Emmy Nominations! Which soap will snatch up Bryan Craig? He wanted to watch movies with her on the couch and make her eggs in the kitchen. It seemed as if Kelly had grown three inches since Steffy had been gone. The Bold and the Beautiful. She expected nothing less from him. At Steffy's house, Liam viewed the baby monitor as Steffy played with Kelly in the nursery. Liam contended that Finn was there and had gotten Liam's daughter there without even asking. He said Steffy had really missed their daughter. he asked. Zoe inquired about all the models who flirted with him. Carter knew that it might seem fast. B&B Is Nominated For 13 Daytime Emmy Awards! He wanted to start a fresh new future together in the loft. Liam said Steffy was vulnerable and had just gotten out of rehab. He didn't care if she put flowers everywhere. Hope surmised that Zende had given her exactly what she was looking for, and he should keep doing whatever he was doing. He hoped he wasn't pressuring her. He responded that he'd always be there for Steffy. She was just surprised by it because they hadn't even spent the night together.

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