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Rusty retreats to the freight yard, where he bumps into the Rockies. It wasn't easy, but I think we've succeeded. In 1995, he invited Cousins to choreograph and direct an on-ice version of Starlight Express, and Cousins, who knows likemindedness when he sees it, accepted. In 1995, the company's CEO, Kenneth Feld, approached Robin Cousins, a world-champion figure skater, to direct and choreograph a production of Starlight Express that would be performed on ice, rather than on roller skates. But in most other productions, Electra, Greaseball and Caboose (If he is there) come out all tangled up, wearing bits of each other's costumes where they sing the song One Rock'n'Roll Too Many where they lament what happened to them. Greaseball, Electra and caboose, if he's there, get tangled up in a mess near the finish line and Rusty shoots right past them to win the race. He is a steam engine from the sidings who longs to enter the race and win the heart of the beautiful Pearl. He has released cast recordings and solo CDs. This song is also sometimes cut, even if caboose is in the production. The fight degenerates into chaos and Greaseball, Electra and C.B. "Allein im Licht der Sterne" was cut. At the end of the race, Electra and Greaseball now crashed accidentally, and Electra took C.B. "It's these kinds of human stories that give the show its heart.". Poppa tries to persuade Rusty to race without Pearl, urging him to have faith in the Starlight Express. Below, 3 diagrams of how the races were staged for this particular set design for the show. To avoid being disqualified for not having a coach, Greaseball starts to grapple with Electra over C.B. The coaches and the freight cars don't get along well at all. Rusty offers to race with Pearl, but she rejects him, explaining that she is waiting for her 'dream train' ("He Whistled at Me"). crash, allowing Rusty to win the race. Maria Jane Hyde is an English singer and musical actress. Starlight Express, Starlight Express, Are you real, yes or no? So the two head off together to race. 's duplicity, C.B. Studded tires and rear-wheel steering give the flatcars turn-on-a-dime manoeuvrability on the ice. Annie January is as down-to-earth and sincere as they come; the girl next door with superpowers. hatches a plan. He's got his Components.". Buffy The show was very much the same as the Australian/Japanese touring production with the "Silver Dollar" subplot being removed and the character of Memphis Belle being cut completely. Away from the other engines, Pearl fears that she caused Rusty to lose the race. So, she sings a short song either called He Whistled At Me Reprise or Dinah's Disco (same song, different titles) and she uncouples Electra, going off on her own. If the Entry of the Nationals is not at the beginning of the show, it takes place after Freight. [2] [3], The show holds the record as the ninth-longest-running theatrical production in West End history, having been performed 7,409 times between 1984 and 2002. He returns with four coaches that make up the passenger train: a dining car called Dinah, a smoking car called Ashley, a buffet car called Buffy, and an observation car called Pearl. They pitched their material to Granada TV, who commissioned a pilot episode. The trains debate whether Rusty should be allowed to take Poppa's place in the finals, since he's already competed and lost, or whether the place should go instead to Bobo, who finished second in Poppa's heat ("The Rap"). Starlight Express the Musical Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. "Besides being an absolutely original piece of musical theater, full of fantastic songs, colorful characters and raw speed and power," says Cousins, "Starlight Express also tells a charming, wonderful story. The production was directed by Janice Honeyman with choreography by Karen Bruce, who were given "Carte blanche" to re-imagine the show. When C.B. He will race. Rusty complains that he was cheated, but the marshals refuse to listen. Several of his musicals have run for more than a decade both in the West End and on Broadway. Poppa and Dustin win the race with another of the nationals placing second. Control declares entries for the championship open. Rusty now didn't race at all until the final, only reluctantly taking Poppa's place after the title song. Jeffrey Richard Shankley is a British actor, singer and a former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company who has had a long career as a television and stage actor particularly in the musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber for whom he originated several roles including Munkustrap in the original London production of Cats at the New London Theatre in London in 1981 and Greaseball in Starlight Express at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in 1984. This page lists notable US and UK albums, singles and compilations which feature music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, alongside their release dates. Pearl feels bad for Rusty, but Greaseball drags her offstage. [11]. [20] This production included a new song, "I Do", written by the composer's son, Alistair Lloyd-Webber in place of "Only You" or "Next Time You Fall in Love". Here's what it contains: Starlight Express is the story of a young boy's dream of high-speed train races come to life. Electra Reva Rice is an American musical theatre actress and singer, best known for originating the role of Pearl in Starlight Express on Broadway, and subsequently playing the role in the London production after its 1992 revision as well as on tour in the USA and in Las Vegas. Electra and Greaseball finish in a dead heat. Additionally, the title song was reworked to the ". Uwe Kröger is a musical star in the German-speaking countries of the world. Electra and Pearl finish first, securing a place in the finals; Rusty and Belle finish in last place. Frances Ruffelle is an English musical theatre actress and recording artist. In their song, either A Lotta Locomotion or A Whole Lotta Locomotion, they sing about how they need to find their perfect engines. If Caboose isn't in it, Electra goes with one of the remaining coaches. sabotages Rusty, slowing him down so he misses a switch on the tracks and cannot finish the race. Poppa arrives with the rest of the cast to congratulate Rusty. It was Kenneth Feld who insisted that this high-speed story of racing trains would be best served on full ice, in the round. But sometimes this song is cut from the show. Why, he's Elvis in his hey-day, the coolest train in town!" Purse the Money Truck (removed from the 2018 30th Anniversary Bochum Production), Joule the Dynamite Truck (originally designated as an animal truck in 1984), Killerwatt the Security Truck (replaced Krupp and Purse in the 30th Anniversary Bochum Production). In the original London show, Electra is very upset to lose, and he storms off in a huff in his second song, No Comeback . This is the Rockies' big number, and they demonstrate their acrobatic skills. Lloyd Webber and Stilgoe presented two songs the following summer at the Sydmonton Festival, Lloyd Webber's private event for showcasing new work. It's the Starlight Express, telling him that Rusty needs to draw on the power within him. Besides starring on stage, Kröger has taken part in galas and concerts, as well as making television and film appearances. Sometimes there is a national in the race, and if caboose is in the race, Rusty is paired with caboose. Poppa demands that Greaseball and C.B. [5] Following the meeting, Lloyd Webber starting composing, with actor and children's TV writer Peter Reeves contributing lyrics. This production was the first permanent legitimate musical theatre production in Las Vegas, however concessions were made in the form of a shortened run time and betting references in the race sequences. Schmidt dropped out of training, but Köhler premiered as Rusty on 1 August 2008. Lloyd Webber and Peter Reeves wrote a novelty pop song for Jordan called "Engine of Love", which was released in 1977. The Starlight Express appears in front of Rusty, reminding him that whatever strength he needs–the starlight–is within him already ("I Am The Starlight"). At first, he thinks he's not good enough to race. Rocky 4 was introduced to Broadway and Bochum in 1987,following the release of, Hip Hopper 1, 2 and 3 (replaced the Rockies in the US/UK Tours and the revised Bochum production). Greaseball returns. They ultimately decide to let Rusty race. Pearl's skirt is cast in Mylar with a chrome-colored finish, and the windows on it have a hidden detail: a vista of the American West. Poppa/Mama McCoy – an old steam engine who was once a racing champion, is the father or mother of Rusty and now acts as a mentor and guardian to him and the freight trucks. "The Rap" that opens the second act was completely rewritten to become an anthem to racing. The Starlight Sequence is a showstopper from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express. Rusty returns with the six trucks that make up the freight train: three boxcars called Rocky 1, Rocky 2 and Rocky 3, a brick truck called Flat-Top, an aggregate hopper called Dustin and a brake truck called C.B.. The original London production named the Gang members with solo lines as Tank, Gook and Lube. † denotes songs no longer used in any production of Starlight Express. Greaseball – a macho diesel engine who was formerly crowned by Control as the reigning champion and one of the play's two main antagonists. From October 1997 until April 1998, a Spanish-language production entitled Expreso Astral played at the Teatro Polanco in Mexico City. Additionally, partway through the run the Coaches' costumes were given a "Vegas Showgirl" makeover. Rusty rolls after the song, sulking because Pearl won't race with him, and if Pearl won't race with him, he doesn't want to race at all. Rusty slows down to catch her and makes sure that she is alright before taking off to chase Greaseball and Electra, who are now quite a bit ahead of him. The hopper shyly tells Rusty that he saw it all, and he believes in Rusty too. explains that he has spent a career secretly causing train crashes for fun ("C.B."). Suddenly Rusty arrives with Dustin, and the marshals allow him to enter the race. Sort of like their costume designer. Rusty and Dustin show up just in time for the race. All these virtuosos worked with Robin Cousins in 1995, on the visionary Feld production The Wizard of Oz on Ice. The first heat pits Greaseball and Dinah against Espresso and Buffy, and Hashamoto and C.B.. C.B. Success! ", Cousins notes that the other characters who inhabit Starlight's futuristic environs reinforce the show's themes of disillusionment and self-discovery. Luckily, too, Krenz had some top-notch helpers when it came time to ctually build the costumes. Sometimes, even if caboose is in the production, this scene is cut. The engines start to pick their coaches. Who will win? On 12 June 1988, Starlight Express opened at the purpose-built theatre Starlight Express Theater  [ de ] in Bochum, Germany.

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