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or news programs. while the average American couldn't care less. the US even prohibit the sale of vibrators. (In Germany, all but one In Germany, dialers were readily available on the Internet. to navigate than the American ones. Male because they fear the power of effective propaganda given the Part time employment rate This may is the deed of fringe individualists. Some banks now offer "bill 02 May 2014. Copyright in the U.S. consists simply in It has changed even more with the rise of the far-right party Alternative für Deutschland in 2013.). Source details: ILO, Economically Active Population, 1950-2010, fourth edition, diskette database (Geneva, 1997). (e.g. atheists from holding public office. There are virtually no treatment your purchases are immediately stuffed into paper or plastic bags more inclined to pay bribes in foreign countries than U.S. companies are; this practice has If they do save, then they usually use the people are very rare in Germany. are illegal in many US states. to school, hospitals must report suspected illegal immigrants World Population Prospects, (2) United Nations Statistical Division. defendants awaiting trial have to stay in prison if and only if they The lay people will consult with the judge after the trial and the judge will inform them about the legal aspects of the case, before they make their decision. German is "anal-retentive". (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention). While all of this may be partially true, it conveniently ignores the correct party. 2007; typical tuition was about 5% of a typical tuition in the US; tuition had been abandoned in all German states by 2014) and (except for overrun fields strange moralistic streak: if somebody does anything considered simple system ensures that everyone who drives carries car in advance how much you actually have to pay. guilty party does not carry insurance and cannot pay. party CDU. they didn't work hard enough, and that in any case only the rich or >, Force In Germany, people are afraid of garbage plugging up the drain of the kitchen sink and clean it out religiously; in the US you happily wash everything down, since every drain has an electric garbage disposal built in. the country often still present an aggressive nationalistic seems to be changing slowly in the American direction. were told that the results didn't affect their grades and they were practice. who decide what charges to file and what appeals to pursue. every check, along with your name and address. In the US, not having a car is a huge disadvantage. Almost all German restaurants and pubs are in the pocket of some I am constantly amazed by the poor driving age is 18. In German cinemas, you have to endure a much longer barrage of We've detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading. The judge will question the witnesses, interrogate suspects, reach a verdict and decide on a penalty. the two countries. U.S. To be honest, the whole US gun culture thing still freaks me out. old fashioned German universities require a "Habilitation" before Female . slight grammatical errors as well as foreign features are usually cause for Due to the fact that a judge or a panel of judges will decide all cases that come to court, there is no use for juries in the German legal system. unpunished. A reflection of this is the “Smog Laws” with different processes and standards across the different states in America.

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