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", "She's not so hot!" Much like fellow one-shot characters such Predictably, the Decepticons attack and immediately have the upper hand because the Autobots won't fight in a hall crowded with humans. Nightbird is a minor villainess in the original G1 Transformers cartoon. All three are amazing releases. Nightbird was a one-shot villain character in the Generation 1 Transformers episode “Enter the Nightbird”, a female ninja robot built by humans then stolen and reprogrammed by Megatron. You can help Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Enter the Nightbird/Tech/Info/Episodes Grab Him! Much like one of the unlicensed representations of Nightbird, Takara-Tomy's Nightbird is a remold of Arcee. lol XD Your welcome. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. She might be quiet, but she's perceptive. It's not just yours, Sol, I found it happening a lot with my Nightbird so went back to my Arcee to try figure out what was going on and, at least in my case, they seem to share the same 'sweet spot' where having the top of the bonnet/backpack at an ever so slightly tilted forward angle rather than straight up vertical seems to stop it happening. Megatron: Nightbird...NO!! "TF-Couples,Pairings+Friends" All Kinds+Types. Optimus: We're here to guard the robot, not make jokes at its expense. Overall, Nightbird Shadow is a good, fun release from Takara-Tomy. I wonder if batteries are included. Little did the Autobots know that their list was out of date, leading to their shock when Metroplex came under attack from Autobot Spike, Robot Master, Dr. Arkeville, Headmaster... and a whole lotta Nightbirds! "Replace Me? I want this but I'm prioritizing Slipstream and Blackarchnia over Nightbird. So the Decepticons go to all the trouble of hiding their base out in some barren rocks, even putting the entrance in behind a boulder so it can't be seen. Another Transformers fanart request: "G1 Megatron and Nightbird doing something romantic. " Nightbird is a human-built robot from the Generation One continuity family. Whatever "G1" means I like this unibrow version better than the crab faced Megatron from the 07 movie. ", "Yes, you're definitely on my replacement list, Starscream... Hahaha, she's everything I've always wanted!" She sports a new head and a new chest like her fellow Legends releases Blackarachnia and Slipstream, plus she also gets a pair of sai accessories which are new to this mold. Japanese title: "The Shadow of the Nightbird". I'd say of the three, I enjoyed Blackarachnia the least due to some joints feeling a bit rubbery and her weapon not being reworked (would have loved her crossbow from the show). Posted on November 15, 2015 at 10:02 am by Sol Fury under Generations / Classics, Japanese Transformers, Transformers Toy Gallery Updates. In hand, I'm even more impressed with her then I thought I'd be. Wheeljack: If it walks it probably needs a long extension cord. In one scene, Megatron's upper body is not painted. I want to be able to get karyuudo to translate them…. Meanwhile, inside his masterfully disguised fortress, Megatron has Bombshell reprogram Nightbird and triple her power. "She's hot enough to replace you whenever I choose! Thanks for helping me... pull myself together. If you have Arcee, you'll already know what to expect from Nightbird. Ironhide (Transformers) Starscream (Transformers) Soundwave (Transformers) Nightbird (Transformers) Jazz (Transformers) Prowl (Transformers) Florider (OC) Izzy (OC) Nemesis Prime Megatron (Transformers) Beta - Character When the Autobots are chasing Nightbird up a cliff, Cliffjumper can't jump the cliff. I think Thundercracker was one of the funniest parts: he was just like, "This stuff's the greatest!" A Naginata has a significantly longer shaft than that: We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Nightbird with Blackarachnia and Slipstream, Nightbird with Generations Senator Ratbat, Transformers Rescue Bots Academy MEDIX The DOC-BOT Figure 100% Complete Jeep, Hasbro Transformers Generation 1 QUICKMIX Targetmaster Figure 1988 G1, Original Transformers G1 Huffer & Pipes Pre-Rub 1983 Takara. But I will get it eventually. I actually thought about trying to get an exchange, but after finding every picture online I've found has the same issue, I can live with it. Optimus Prime gets shot in the back by Megatron, but his voice sounds like Mirage as he falls over. For the third of the three female Destrons released in the Transformers Legends line, Takara-Tomy released the first ever official plastic representation of Nightbird! Starscream: Hey! Walther P38/Galvatron: Laser Cannon More Than Meets the Eye (Part 1) Turned into Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie. At this moment in time no US release has been confirmed. Much like fellow one-shot characters such as Chromia, Nightbird became something of a fan-favorite, and has been brought back as a part of this recent assortment of Transformers Legends characters by Takara-Tomy. Nightbird was a one-shot villain character in the Generation 1 Transformers episode "Enter the Nightbird", a female ninja robot built by humans then stolen and reprogrammed by Megatron. Megatron: 1913 U.N.C.L.E. A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court, I think I am getting better atleast. and then he grunts and falls on the ground with a clatter noise. The Autobots pursue to capture Nightbird, but are hampered by the promise they made not to damage her. When Nightbird's lightsaber is shot and deactivated, you can still hear the sound effects for about 2 more seconds before they stop. Thank you. Prime tries to reason with her, but she drops him like a bad habit and keeps avoiding capture. I want that traitor's steel hide! If you have Arcee, you’ll already know what to expect from Nightbird. I would hate to live on the planet they spend their honeymoon on.

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