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However, tackling the complexity of the future of Australian healthcare will require both focus and discipline, as outlined by Rawstron and Casey. Rawstron and Casey said solutions that have worked well in the past, like reducing length of stay and increasing workforce productivity, are not sufficient for the challenges of the healthcare industry. The non verbal attitude and behavior are culturally significant and if any one fell to follow the cultural code it may cause a serious violation of law. The nurse acts as an advocate to inform and support a person in such a way so that he can make the best decisions possible for himself. John Daly (2007) Report on Nurse Workforce Futures, Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (Australia and New Zealand), Megan-Jane Johnstone (n.d), Nurse Recruitment and Retention: Imperatives of imagining the future and taking a proactive stance. Data analytics will increasingly utilise information stored deep within a medical record to allow clinicians to draw conclusions on best treatments.

Discuss three challenges facing nurses in the contemporary Australian health care system. It is found that shortages of nurses are most prevalent in rural and remote regions, especially in Indigenous communities, and in particular areas of care, such as mental health, aged care, and disability care (Armstronget al. Health care in Australia is largely funded by the government at national, state and local governmental levels, as well as by private health insurance; but the cost of health care is also borne by not-for-profit organisations, … Many of the problems stem from rationing policies intended to curb costs. This can be very problematic for a breadwinner that develops a chronic medical problem, because their family may be left destitute. A focus on patient experience and consumer centricity will result in a better experience for both the consumer and clinician. At an individual level, it means that health sector organisations will need to be able to attract or train individuals with completely new skill sets.”. According to the OECD, the nation’s life expectancy is the sixth highest in the world. (Accessed on 29 September 2011). According to one report listed in Science Direct, wait times for many services where lower in Australia then every other country listed except for Scotland.

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The bindings to follow the ethical codes are legally binding in almost in all the states. Cultural understanding and appreciation does not mean giving up one’s own culture and belief, it just help us to make better relation with other certain cultures (Multicultural Communities Council of SA Inc, 2005).

“[They] all create drivers and opportunities for transformation in the health sector and adjacent sectors (e.g. The availability and stability of quality nursing services depends on the appropriate recruitment and retention of nurses, for that suitable measures should be undertaken to face the challenges so that in future the goal for the realization of a preferred healthier future for all can be achieved(Megan-Jane Johnstone, n.d). There was a problem, please try again later. One of the most common complaints about the Australian health care system is that there are a very long waiting list for many hospital medical procedures and people have to wait long before they get an appointment and there is wait even if they have a scheduled appointment. Australia’s health system is complex in structure; in particular, it’s funding and responsibilities is shared between federal, state and territory governments. 9, November, pp. Emergency room wait times in Australia are one of the biggest concerns. Ethical and Legal Issues In Acting as a Client Advocate (n.d), Available from: (Accessed on 29 September 2011). Australia does a much better job ensuring access to healthcare than the United States. Australia has a fairly decent healthcare system. However, many Australians without private health insurance find themselves unable to get certain treatments they need to live a comfortable life. Australia’s healthcare system offers many things, but life insurance is not on the list.

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