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The most famous Austrian cake is the Viennese Sachertorte, a rich chocolate cake invented by Chef Franz Sacher for Chancellor Metternich in 1832. Unlike Australia which is a comparatively dry place comprises upon deserts. – Source, 17. Austrian food is influenced by Hungarian, German and Italian traditions. This state has no nuclear station and the latest weapons even it is opposed to nuclear power and doesn’t support its development. The official name of Austria is the Republic of Austria. Copyright © 2020 Depth World. It is one of the interesting and amazing facts that, these beautiful snow globes’ history is interlinked with Austria. The top and bottom stripes are red, while the middle strip is in white. Australia is the 6th largest state on the planet but Austria is comparatively smaller than it. It has many popular festivals that inspire the interpretation and understanding of music. The official name of Austria is the Republic of Austria. Freud signed the document and added a postscript saying ” I can highly recommend the Gestapo to everyone. Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, and Strauss was Austrians. It is typical for Central Europe with cold winters and hot and sunny summers. Subscribe to our Newsletter and never miss another depth World article.. It has many popular festivals that inspire the interpretation and understanding of music. In 1945, The Holy Crown of Hungary was recovered in Austria and sent to Fort Knox in the United States for safekeeping from the Russian Army. 600 years old Medieval bras were discovered in Austria in 2008. What are some study tips for high school students who are struggling and want to improve. – Source, 20. Snow melting from the glaciers around the cave drained into it and froze in the winter, as the result of ice formations. Probably the best known of all Austrian artists is Gustav Klimt, the founding member and main representative of the Viennese Secession movement. – Source, 25. Its capital Vienna is considered one of the most inhabitable metropolitans in the world. This Austrian festival, created to honor the memory of Mozart, is devoted solely to performing his works. – Source, 9. Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn just across the border from German Bavaria. It is flown by the specific government of the nation, or it can be a representation of any nation. This cave had formed by the erosive action of the Salzach River. He often used gold in his paintings and embellished them with striking “mosaics.” His best known work is The Kiss (1907–1908), which hangs in Vienna’s Belvedere Palace. – Source, 21. Austria is officially called the Republic of Austria. One of the heaviest clocks on display is the clock mechanism that was initially installed in the city’s Stephansdom Cathedral in 1699, which has weighs, almost a ton. Austria also has one of the oldest flags in the world. The only intelligible sentence he ever spoke during his 13-year reign was: “I am the emperor, and I want dumplings!” – Source, 6. – Source. In 2006, Austria issued a stamp containing 0.03g of genuine dust from a 42-pound meteorite. In Austria, when someone is graduating with a doctoral degree, it is traditional for colleagues to decorate their mortarboard cap with a diorama of miniature objects representing their work. 1-5 Austria Facts 1. In 1750, a fully automated scale-model clockwork town was built in Austria, with 200 moving figures all replicating the activities of various townspeople and it’s still working today, over 260 years later. Almost every Austrian city has its trademark cake. Approximately 47% of the country is covered with forests which gives Austria a lot of greenery. 50 Fascinating Facts about Austria. On their very first day of school children in Austria are given a cardboard cone (“Schultüte”) filled with toys and sweets. The squadron consisted of two boats, patrolling the Danube river. Since the release of the movie Salzburg became a top tourist place. Austria acquired around 15 fighter jets but can’t afford to run them, nor employ enough pilots. It has a total mass of area 83,879 km2 and nearly 9 million populations. It has a total height of around 380m. Interesting facts about Austria. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. – Source, 24. During the 18-19 centuries, Vienna was famous as the European capital of classical music and hub of musical advancement. When the mayor of Fucking, Austria was asked if he would change the town's name, he replied: "everyone here knows what it means in It counts in amazing and interesting facts about Austria that the world’s highest waterfalls are present here. Austria Facts for Kids. In it, they state: “It is believed he [Hitler] will retire to private life and return to Austria.” – Source, 13. Only 32% of Austria is below 1,640 square feet (500 m). Pork, beef, and veal are the main contents of some of the most favorite Austrian dishes. Austria, a small landlocked Alpine nation in Central Europe is one of Europe’s most visited destinations. In 1938 Mexico was the only country to protest against the German annexation of Austria. It was founded as an imperial menagerie in 1752. Vienna is home to the world’s oldest zoo, the Tiergarten Schönbrunn. On the other hand, the museum has also the smallest clock that fits under a thimble! It has a lot of facilities and attractions for visitors of all kinds. It was originally known as the “Mozartbonbon”, and was created by Salzburg confectioner Paul Fürst in 1890 and named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. – Source, 4. – Source, 15. The Eisriesenwelt, German for “World of the Ice Giants” is the largest ice cave in the world. Over 1% of Austria’s GDP is from Redbull. A park called Gruner See in Austria turns into a lake during the summer when the snow from the mountains melts and forms a body of water. KickassFacts - Fact Encyclopedia. All Rights Reserved. Vienna’s Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Academy of Fine Arts) is famous for rejecting a young painter by the name of Adolf Hitler. Some random facts. Fun facts and trivia about Austria. The people of Austria use German as an official language but, many Austrians converse informally in a variety of Bavarian dialects. – Source, 3. – Source, 16. In Austria you’ll find a predominantly Central European fauna: deer, stag, fox, pheasant, rabbit, badger, partridge, marten. Now nuclear warfare has become the main concern of the whole world. A Mozartkugel is a small, round confection made of marzipan, nougat and dark chocolate. Particularly, the center of attraction of the museum is the astronomical clock built-in 1679. It has covered with the world’s most beautiful castles that will make you fascinated while your journey in this city. Alpine, or downhill, skiing has been the most popular sport in Austria for over 100 years. More than 100 years later, they are still creating traditional snow globes now in Vienna, all hand-painted and manually assembled. 99. It was later returned by the President Jimmy Carter in 1978. Read about the population of Austria, the capital city, popular sports, language, traditional food, famous citizens and much more. You know the snow globe which you see in the market and look fantastic was invented in Vienna, the capital and largest city of Austria. Austria is in Central Europe, characterized by its mountain villages, baroque city architecture, Imperial history and rugged alpine terrain. The Salzburger Festspiele is the largest and most important opera and theater festival in Europe. It is based on tiered a waterfall, that has three stages upper, middle, and lowest. Sigmund Freud was permitted to leave Austria by the Gestapo if he signed a document that stated that he had been treated well. Interestingly, you have seen a book museum, antique things museum but you know the facts of Austria has an interesting and amazing museum that has almost 1000 clocks. The Eisriesenwelt is a natural limestone and ice cave that is present in Werfen, Austria. This state has many famous composers and musicians that affected European music. After its successful first snow globe, he opened a shop in Vienna. Before Austria-Hungary divided and separated, their motto was “Indivisible and Inseparable”. Although many people believe that Edelweiss is an Austrian folk song, it was actually written for The Sound of Music and is hardly known in Austria. Here are 26 Interesting Austria facts. He died in exile in London in 1939. As of 1 January 2016, the population of Austria was estimated to be 8,441,461 people. They spell or sound almost the same, however, they are two different states. Austria is a landlocked east Alpine state in central Europe. Tiergarten Schönbrunn zoo that opened in 1752, that located in Vienna. The territory of Austria covers 83,878 square kilometres (32,385 sq mi) and has a temperate and alpine climate. The Austrian tradition of cake baking goes back centuries, with competition fierce between towns and cities to produce the finest tortes. Stunning natural landscapes and cities with old European charm attract visitors to the country from all corners of the globe. A national flag is typically designed with specific colors and symbols, which separates it from the other nations of the world. The climate of Austria is generally continental due to the Eastern edge of the country that stretches as the Pannonian climate zone. Border countries are: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Austria is not Australia. It is claimed to be the oldest inn in the world because of a supposed documentary mention of it by the scholar Alcuin in 803 AD. But instead of it, he accidentally invented a snow globe. The ice cave counts in interesting and amazing wonders of Austria. Vienna, the capital of Austria, lies in the country’s east on the Danube River. Austria has another one of the interesting facts that its zoo has attained the reward of the world’s oldest surviving zoo around the world. Emperor I Ferdinand of Austria had 20 seizures per day, and could not speak coherently. At 3,798 meters (12,460 feet) the Grossglockner is not only the highest mountain in Austria, it also counts among the highest peaks in the Alps. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Austrian Symbols; Austria's Quick Facts. Top 10 interesting and bizarre facts about apple, 10 interesting and amazing facts about Poland, Top 10 interesting facts about cockroaches, Top 10 interesting facts about butterflies. With a high per capita GDP of $49,436, Austrians have a high standard of living. Religious people were killing young children in order to have the government execute them so they could get into heaven. A national flag represents and symbolizes any nation in the world. During 1939-1940, a Chinese diplomat in Vienna named Ho Feng Shan risked his life and career and acting against the orders of his superior, issued visas to any Jews that requested one. Austria, despite being landlocked, had a naval squadron until 2006. – Source, 10. The country is famous for its hilly regions, especially the famous Alps. Stiftskeller St. Peter is a restaurant within the monastery walls of St. Peter’s Archabbey, Salzburg, Austria. Austria is also a winter sports paradise for tourists or sport lovers. Tirol is a place in the state that provides the best skiing opportunities. The film Amadeus, which is the story of the life of Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1984.

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