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The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which civilisation has crumbled. They may not have the money for any huge special effects, but there’s an undeniable, madcap joy to watching something as simple as a stuntman hanging off the side of a cliff. Those who survived the devastation must survive by any means necessary, and that includes Jake Slater (Ryan) and his daughter, Molly, who has been rendered dormant by a mysterious event called The Flash. They draw from devastating post-apocalyptic stories like the 2013 game The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, and Mad Max, but also toss some hard Sci-Fi flavors in the mix. What it has in its favour is a decent pace, with a good amount of action and an injection of humour to ensure that the film isn’t too serious. It’s a low-budget affair, but the film makes great use of what it’s got to work with. Ultimately, there’s a lot of talent on display here. Flickering Myth Rating – Film: ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★, Filed Under: Movies, Reviews, Tom Jolliffe Tagged With: Billy Zane, Blue World Order, Bruce Spence, Che Baker, Dallas Bland, Jake Ryan. The landscapes are beautiful, but the acting and dialogue far too bland to sell us a tale completely and utterly lacking in originality. var znscr = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; This EMP also released a virus being used to control the remaining population, essentially erasing all free will. Description. Blue World Order opens strong with some extremely kinetic, frantic cinematography and stunt work. It may not get beyond visually efficient but at least there’s clarity. The Blue World Order (bWo) was a stable of professional wrestlers formed at Extreme Championship Wrestling's November to Remember 1996 event at the ECW Arena.The stable lasted until August 1998 and was revived briefly in World Wrestling Entertainment during the summer of 2005. Blue World Order, 2017. Blue World Order’s plot is interesting and passable, if a bit familiar, and close inspection shows a number of gaping holes in the story, but it still manages to be a solid film that fans of Science-Fiction and shows like The Walking Dead are sure to enjoy. in English Literature and (almost complete) M.A. During the cold war we had a spate of Mad Max inspired post-end of the world exploitation films. Overall, though, this film manages to create some impressive cinematography and special effects. Audiences would struggle to sit through a low rent version of The Road for example. Geek Culture | Movies, TV, Comic Books & Video Games. Summaries. Jake makes it his mission to reverse the damage done by the EMP, but he makes even more terrifying discoveries about The Order along the way. They draw from devastating post-apocalyptic stories like the 2013 game The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, and Mad Max, but also toss some hard Sci-Fi flavors in the mix. Help us in support to keep the magazine going strong for years to come with a small donation. If this sounds cliched, it’s because it is. zergnet.type = 'text/javascript'; zergnet.async = true; Blue World Order combines a jumble of concepts and inspirations that, on paper, seem like they would not work. Rent $4.99. Directed by Che Baker and Dallas Bland. Given that the film’s inception dates back to 2012, we can forgive them for treading on material covered by the likes of The Last of Us, but the idea of a grizzled man protecting a child who holds the key to mankind’s survival was pretty well worn ahead of then. The obligatory post-apocalyptic exposition-dump is even handled very well and offers just enough fresh ideas to keep you interested for the first few minutes. While there are certainly a lot of elements at play here, somehow the hard Sci-Fi aesthetics do not clash with the dreary The Walking Dead–style setting or the Martial Arts combat. Not that they have particularly slowed down, but after the reasonable success of Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as immensely popular TV shows like The Walking Dead or video games like The Last of Us, there has been a significant rise in direct to video (on demand) post apocalyptic thrillers. © Copyright Cryptic Rock 2020 – All Rights Reserved – User Login Website Design by Anthony Idi. However, Baker and Bland managed just the right pacing to make this post-apocalyptic, Martial Arts, Science-Fiction, Action film work in a way that is sure to keep viewers in their seats from start to finish. The film looks nice. After befriending the quixotic MadCap (the delightful Hunter), Jake learns that Molly is the last remaining child on Earth. The film’s virus allows people to control others using a sort of remote control device. PLATFORM: BBC SOUNDS | RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW Happy ... Director & Screenplay: PAUL W.S. Considering their straight-to-video status and their lack of Kevi... © STARBURST Magazine - all rights reserved, Please note delivery times may be affected by the current global situation.

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