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When he offers a partnership with her, she hands over the drive and the goggles she had been working on to bypass the retinal scanner. Whilst they and a number of men steal the virus from the lab, she stands guard, though hides above the door to prevent being seen. Putting the first aid kit away, Selina tried to reassure him. Deciding to save herself, her choice is shown to Bruce and they are left to talk. The two left with another member of the group, "John Doe", who Harley insisted that he helped them. It is mentioned that she was once had someone close to her, but it is unknown what sort of relationship it was and how close she was with the person. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After sharing a moment, she tried to seduce him, possibly trying to find out whether he had feelings for her or was willing to sleep with his friend's lover. Claiming that she had been working with them for one last job, she was greeted by her cat, who acted unfriendly towards Bruce. Finding it was connected to the organization SANCTUS, they discovered that it contained information about an Agency program. Afterwards, she sends a message to Bruce, telling him what she had done and providing photographic evidence of her doing so. Shortly before the events of the series, she was hired by a client to go to Gotham City and break into Wayne Enterprises' R&D labs to steal a prototype device. Shortly after Bruce is released from Arkham, Selina will send him a text to check up on him. Bruce refuses to sleep with Selina, rejecting her advances. As she fled the scene, Bruce gave some parting words, before she ascended the wall with her "catclaw". After he successfully took the stolen drive away from her, Batman was shot by a cop. Acting as if they hadn't met before, she asked for his assistance to copy Riddler's eyes with a retinal copier. The Pact - Former Employers turned Enemies. When Bruce finds a way to get it, she asks him to give it to her so they can be reunited. Depending on whether Bruce suggested she stay with him or leave Gotham, two possibilities will happen to Selina. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. After defeating the Pact's men, she makes her allegiance known to the group before they engage them. Batman chooses to save Harvey from the Penguin, leaving Catwoman open to attack from Children of Arkham mercenaries. Noticing the Batsuit and equipment lying around, Selina motioned for Bruce to hide with it. She agreed, either through force or willing alliance. Whilst fleeing across the city's rooftops, she is confronted by Batman on the roof of City Hall. Believing Bruce to have known about the attack, she confronts him on why he had not informed her and warns that he had made the conflict between them personal. Though Bruce may leave some departing words, she will not respond back. After arriving, Catwoman and John investigated the area surrounding Riddler's lair for police officers and agents. Finding less members than she was lead to believe, Catwoman was introduced to Bruce by Victor Fries. When Selina returned to Gotham, she learnt about Riddler's death and decided to avenge him by stopping the Pact's operations. Whilst doing so, the two caught up on what had happened and how they had become involved with the Pact. Catwoman returned just after they opened the criminals casket, where she discovered that Bruce had also joined the group. Whilst they conversed, she tried to cover up her knowledge of Bruce, even mentioning the "mugging" to him as if he didn't know. However, in reality, Selina works with him to achieve her own ends, leaving shortly before the final battle. Catwoman would later return to Gotham, after being approached by Riddler to help him and his friends in their operations. Locating Selina and Bruce, the two entered a scuffle with them and managed to knock out their opponents. If the affects of another decision take place in or affect what happens within one decision, e.g. When Batman was at Lady Arkham's mercy, she lent him one of her Catclaws to allow him gain the edge in their fight. Whilst they collected Riddler's body from an Agency convoy, she was sent to collect a retinal scanner and goggles capably of replicating someone's eyes. With no other way of executing her, the Pact place her in one of Riddler's traps to hold her whilst they attack the blacksite. As Waller and her agents arrive, Batman tells her to leave. Freeze, she battles Harley Quinn, preventing her from attacking him. Her appearance shocked Lt. James Gordon, though Batman managed to calm him down. She admitted that their relationship wasn't bad, but that he was nothing to her but a job. As they sunk above the rafters of the main room, they witnessed the Children of Arkham (the group Penguin led) release a video of Thomas Wayne and Hill committing Penguin's mother, Esther Cobblepot to Arkham Asylum. Upon opening the door, she found Harvey, having brought coffee and breakfast for the two of them. NOTICE: Catwoman is a supporting character and possible love interest in both Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within. Taking him to her apartment, Selina removed Bruce's armor and tended to his wounds. Batman Telltale: Catwoman Romance (Season 1 to 2) - YouTube The following week after the debate, Selina will accompany Bruce on a visit to Harvey, if he saved her instead of the latter. Depending on the decision made, two possibilities will happen. Selina also had a sense of honor or debt, believing that she should repay favors, regardless of how big or small they were. Despite what Bruce says, she states that she has "some things to take care of" before she leaves. If Batman informs Catwoman, she is able to prepare for or avoid the assault, leading to her being unharmed or receiving no serious injuries. She was also very intelligent, having read through the Gita Govinda and many classical novels. Investigating further, they found a supercomputer plagued with a similar level of encryption to a laptop in Harley's possession. As Bruce left to attend a conference announcing his "resignation", Selina suggested trying to warn Gotham either about Cobblepot or reveal the truth about what is happening at Wayne Enterprises. Shortly after doing so, she met up with Lady Arkham and a number of members, taking one of the Skyrails to the depot, where they were preparing for another attack. Bruce refused but offered to track down Selina's employers to reduce the consequences. In the following year, she met and became an associate of Harley Quinn, being employed by the new criminal to perform a number of jobs. Retreating to Wayne Manor, she meets with Alfred and receives medical care from him, claiming to have sustained her injuries in a motorcycle accident. Regardless of whether Bruce chooses to give it to her or keep it for himself, the two are forced to work together for another one of Joker's traps, though her feelings towards him will sower if he choses to help himself. Though he manages to save her at the last minute, she flees from the scene and lays low for a while. However, her arm is grasped by Freeze and frozen solid. Depending on dialogue chosen, Batman will try to call Lady Arkham's bluff, surrender or knock the syringe out of her hand with a Batarang, allowing Catwoman the chance to attack. Bruce can either agree with her that its best she left Gotham, believing that it might not be safe for her, or offer her protection in Wayne Manor. Engaging in a fight, the two were equally matched, though Selina managed to outrun him and told him her intentions to steal the laptop to get retribution on the Pact. Selina also had a sense of honor or debt, believing that she should repay favors, regardless of how big or small they were. During it, Batman bruised her eye and she scratched his right cheek. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. During her time in Gotham, Selina met District Attorney Harvey Dent and may have entered a brief relationship with him. After returning, having found none, they then broke into Riddler's lair. Catwoman would also save him after he was severely electrocuted, catching him as he fell to the ground. Helping him off a support he has been impaled on, she takes him to the Batmobile, so he can return to the Batcave and receive medical help from Alfred. Depending on Bruce's actions, she will give over the drive and goggles willingly, becoming a temporary partner for Bruce, or flee the manor after being injured in another fight. Batman can then investigate the laptop by himself or invite Selina into the Batcave to investigate with him. When Bruce was sent to Riddler's hideout to find the location of an Agency black-site, Bruce asked to bring Catwoman along, having learnt of her involvement with Riddler and believing she could help. She also asks Bruce what a night away from Batman is like. After the fight, she tells Bruce why she had stolen it and tries to learn about his feelings towards her. At some point, she met a career criminal known as The Riddler, helping him steal a painting from the Louvre. However, as she is taken to it, she breaks free from her restrains and tries to fight her way out, during which she damages the device. Realizing that she might have been followed, Selina tried to negotiate her release, only for Batman to reveal himself. This gave Catwoman the opportunity to escape, though she was hit by one of his EMP mines before she can get to safety, causing her to fall.

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