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-- Chuck Lorre Productions: At the end of Dharma & Greg and Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre would put a plate up for two seconds which consisted of a blank background, a heading which read "Chuck Lorre Productions #(no. For someone in crisis, I think a more accurate and helpful assessment of reality would be, "Love, sex, food, friendship, art, play, beauty and the simple pleasure of a cup of tea are all well and good, but never forget that God/the universe is determined to kill you by whatever means necessary." It felt as if time had stopped. If no one's around, I'm likely to sing along with Aretha Franklin's version of "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman, but not the Carole King version. The people who tell you how to do your job. He's God. It's co-created by the same person who created Dharma & Greg, Chuck Lorre. It's that time of the year when movie studios seeking Oscar nominations for their films start asking for my consideration. Just wait until Mike & Molly is over. Don't fall for a woman who has had sex with one of your rock n'roll heroes. Not a mask meant to frighten. Oh, and Pat, if you happen to read this... thank you. Enough already with that. In Latin America, the translating voice for Angus T. Jones is the same that translated him in. You could hardly blame him for smiling so smugly. Which begs the question, what horrible shape are the cattle in, if all they're good for is felt hats and wallpaper paste? I love recording episodes of Chuck Lorre's shows just to fast forward to read these vanity cards. Once again, the words clumsy, hesitant, clueless, short and frightened come to mind. And I mean really check them out. Reply. In fact, I'm thinking of sending a note to both exes. [7]Vanity Card 347HinzugefĆ¼gt von DoobiusThank you for watching The Big Bang Theory. Don't waste time with a marginal joke that forces the actor to twist him or herself into a pretzel in order to make funny. Now helpless and homeless, he was forced to live the rest of his days in the wild, feeding on what dung beetles feed on. If they laugh, know you're in good company. The drinks are on me. (I did find a writing team to act as a channel for dat pitch, which worked out pretty good, Emmy and cash-wise.) And then the oddest thing happened. Frankly, every time I hear someone comment on America's first black president, I can't help thinking, "No, he's not. No way Jose. Thank you for your consideration. The word would be, like Kansas once morosely whined, "Dust in the Wind." Love and hate. My "reasoning" is simple. If it's beer, have someone drink it and report back if it gets them laid.

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