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Darry is twenty years old, and Ponyboy explains that Darry's rigid personality and unfriendly manner is the result of having to grow up too fast. Darry genuinely cares about each of them and we see it throughout the novel. The hugs and talks of the younger brother give Darry the support he needed so much to escape the endless circle of responsibility that leads to burnout. What are the physical characteristics of Darry in The Outsiders? The climactic argument finally ends with Darry punching Ponyboy in the face. Family How are they different? We see that Darry started working long before he finished school to help his family and he was so tired of doing what he had to do that he didn’t have either time or energy to simple pleasures like reading a book. In the “Outsiders” Darry isn’t the only one stereotypical parent figure that behaves in such a way: another boy from Greasers, Johnny, the first one Ponyboy talks to after running from home says that he has the similar misunderstanding in his family. And I wouldn’t stay if he did. He also is a big impact on the brothers. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. Ponyboy also has an anger outburst and runs away from home leaving Darry behind to regret his actions. Also, he looks older than his actual age, which is twenty. This sample can be used by anyone…, Works Cited, References, and Bibliography. Ponyboy says that Darry “works too long and hard to be interested in the story in the book” and he “worked two jobs at once and made good at both of them and kept an outstanding record at school”. We see the signs of emotional burnout in him, usually mentioned by Ponyboy, though he isn’t experienced enough to recognize how exhausted his brother is. Pssssst…enter your details to find out the price. Soda is spared, because Darry considers him too young to be fully responsible, but the love Darry feels to both his brothers is equal, dear and unconditional. Indeed, Darry Curtis here behaves like a parental substitute and Ponyboy behaves like a rebellious teenager driven by childish offense: “It was plain to me that Darry didn’t want me around. Darry is a muscular and tall man, standing at 6' 2", who is broad shouldered. What are three personality traits of Ponyboy Curtis? He loves them dearly, though he has a bit of a weird way of showing it. Mr. Curtis (father; deceased)Mrs. Curtis (mother; deceased)Sodapop Curtis (younger brother)Ponyboy Curtis (youngest brother) By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms Incapable of childish actions or even the simple and useless pleasures like reading a fiction book, Darry is irritated seeing that Ponyboy is “wasting his time”. The Gang (Greasers) Darry's need to mature quickly turned him into a cold person, and Ponyboy is scared of him. Soda was wrong for once. 2017-10-30 03:19:18 2017-10-30 03:19:18. what is darry curtis peronality traits. This harsh life in the harsh world explains a lot about his smothering attitude to Ponyboy and Soda and his strictness towards the rest of the gang. Background: He was a very good football player in high school and is a greaser. Darry also understands a lot: his harsh attitude almost costed him his brother. *Service is provided by our writing partner Gradesfixer. Throughout the novel we, with Ponyboy, go from image of the harsh, ignorant and distant man who pretends to be an authoritarian father and is even abusive, to the real Darry. The roots of his harsh attitude are mostly in the almost unbearable responsibility for a twenty-year-old young man who misses his parents no less than Ponyboy or Soda. Darrel "Darry" Shaynne Curtis Jr.  is the oldest of the three Curtis brothers, one of the three deuteragonists of The Outsiders, and the man of the house ever since their parents died. Enemies Seems that it is a common situation for the members of the gang: their parents all work just to ensure survival of their families and often they are too depressed and emotionally numb to fulfill other needs of their children except food and basic safety. Answer. Darry is very intelligent and athletic. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Darry is short for Darrel – and the full, adult name suits this character most. Darry Curtis is equally shaken with Johnny’s death: he was his subordinate, his gangmate, a boy he committed to protect and care for. What are Sodapop’s physical and personality traits in The Outsiders? Throughout the novel we see how jealous Ponyboy is to Soda and how much he wants to see at least some signs of warmth from his older brother. 0 1 2. What are Two-bit's personality traits and physical characteristics? Born Are there any similarities? When the three Curtis boys, Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop, the middle brother, lost their parents in a car accident, Darry stepped in to look after the other boys and to become the head of the family. What is the author's message in The Outsiders? Start your 48-hour free trial and unlock all the summaries, Q&A, and analyses you need to get better grades now. The idea that Darry tries to substitute their father haunts Ponyboy throughout the novel and becomes the fuel of their constant quarrels. Click to learn more, Watch out! Get professional writing assistance from our partner. What is darry Curtis personality traits? © 2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. He is said to look exactly like his father, but with different eyes. January 5, 1945[1] Darry doesn’t love anyone or anything, except maybe Soda. What is equally important: Ponyboy finally sees in Darry not the replacement for his father, but a brother, an authority, but also a tired and fragile human being who needs to know he is loved as much as Ponyboy himself. But Ponyboy isn’t the only one who learned to admit and fix his mistakes. Darrel Curtis Daddy Greaser. Steve Randle, Dallas Winston (deceased), Johnny Cade (deceased), Two-Bit Mathews, Tim Shepard He wants Ponyboy to grow up well and go to college since that is an opportunity he and Soda, the middle brother, missed out on.

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