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Well what else went wrong? One of the pair arrived with only one leg hemmed. Same thing happened with my $395 pair of Burberry jeans. I purchased a pair back in January than I just recently purchased another pair you can't go wrong with a clean cut pair of jeans I was over in Canada and a few stylists went crazy asking me where can they purchase them at I'm a sucker for good pair of jeans . Using their size calculator, I entered my height (5’9”) and weight (145). I’m going to check them out for the hubster! Great jeans at an unbelievable price We are unable to make an exception at this time. Bought my first pair of Dearborn Denims yesterday. It was marked down from $250 to $20 so I thought…", "Fantastic customer service here! Dearborn Denim. The "pre-shrunk" jeans shrunk after just 2 washes (no dryer) in 2 months. Put your dancing shoes on or unwind at one of the many bars and night clubs in Illinois. What's even better about this place is that they hem then for you FREE. Steer clear. I don't think the reviews about dye rubbing off are fair. Taste your way through the best of the state with food tours in Illinois. The customer service representative replied with this:"We’re sorry to hear the jeans didn’t work out. sent my order to the wrong location and then became argumentative around issuing me a refund/sending out a new order. Visit the many historic sites in Illinois, from the Land of Lincoln, to the site of an ancient Native American city at Cahokia Mounds. I paid over $120 for the two pairs, money that I won't see again. Like so many fickle heritage brands that flinch at the ephemera of trends, abandoning their DNA so they can keep up with the kids and cut corners/costs and satisfy shareholders, they stopped offering what many loyal customers have relied on and enjoyed for years. Offered an exchange but which size jean was a wrong size? Seems like all they are selling in the department store is cropped Capri type and I like my jeans long. Will definitely buy another pair when it is time. This little blog runs on elbow grease, midnight oil and the occasional bad idea. Trying to keep up with everything that's happening in your Lincoln Park neighborhood? He just received his second pair of slim fitting jeans, very sexy. There are many better alternatives, with better products, shipped timely, and no hassle returns. For more information on this, please see our return policy on our website." If I had to compare these to other jeans I'm familiar with, I'd say they look and feel pretty much like Old Navy jeans. After it took 2 weeks to arrive each time. I didn’t know this until I wore them to work and then bent down to cuff them. They're worn out and falling apart. Email exchange - they are apparently waiting for the item to be returned to them (they apparently addressed it wrong) and then will re-send it. I am an older fellow (late ’50’s) bicycle rider and former weightlifter so I went with my own take on sizing. Both legs were missing hems so the bottom of the legs were not complete. These jeans from Dearborn are exactly what I was looking for. ", "Yep, they're right, its comfortable, and it fits well. Taste the regional characteristics in our locally produced wines. And best believe I'll be Tweeting this review out today. That hasn't been the case. "I went into the store because looking for a suit that was on sale, but in person it wasn't going to work for me. His product knowledge is impeccable, his enthusiasm about the product is contagious. The highest size their t-shirts go is an XL, and I'm an XXL. Wished I could have read the reviews before purchasing. I'm a size 38 in Levis and other brands across the board. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The price for the jeans were pretty reasonable as well. "SARAH: "We don't have a customer service phone number. I guess their high website reviews are because they only post what they want. While she the help she provided was efficient and generally fine, she wasn't especially friendly and didn't seem particularly interested in investing time with me as a customer. I don't know if it's a result of apathy or stupidity, but in either case, do yourself a favor; don't do business with them. The price is fantastic, the return/exchange process is easy and, most importantly, the jeans look and feel great. Thanks for being an American business with quality clothing ❤️", User error (example: entering the wrong shipping address). We offer free custom hemming on every pair of pants to ensure you leave with pants that fit correctly, and we also offer a variety of fits and washes. Back then, the bathtub process worked a charm. Dishonest! I get that a smaller business can't offer perpetual returns like (say) Macy's, but smaller *also* ought to mean more flexible and understanding, not hiding behind corporatese about processing a very reasonable return that they promised they'd do. Walked in just to take a gander and then started trying on some jeans. They make the mistake and charge me? One of America’s greatest architects, Frank Lloyd Wright called Illinois home—and filled it with some of his best works. I appreciate that everything is domestically sourced, and I LOVE that they hired local refugees in need of work to join their production team! Ordered a pair of tailored fit jeans to switch up my style (normally relaxed fit). I've looked to see if I could catch some at the rack again but haven't seen any. After reading reviews commenting about sizing issues, I decided that I would stop by the store rather than risking some of the challenges had encountered with exchanges, etc. Support local production and taste your way through Illinois. WRONG  they don't offer expedited, they just took my $7. If you prefer to return, I’m happy to begin that process for you. No phone number for this company. I put the original pair in the shipping bag and sent them on their way. I really want to like this company and their jeans, but after buying my first pair, I am just not impressed. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I can't issue a refund until the 6 pairs make it back to the factory. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They offered suggestions to get me the PERFECT jean. True to size 3. Measured dimensions are true to spec, unlike other jeans I have that are up to two inches shorter than label. Another web entrepreneur start-up wanna be with a fashionable website, mediocre quality and bad customer service. But a couple months ago I tried the process again and I think Levi’s has simply abandoned all but the pretense of quality and I now have a baggy pair of dad jeans that I had to put in the drier to get to shrink at all. Find out how to get to Illinois by plane, train, bus and driving. In October, I ordered two pairs of jeans - a 38 each in Slim Fit and Tailored fit. I will not be buying from them again and it is a shame. Hunt down major Illinois breweries and distilleries for the best beers, ciders and spirits in the state. I bought jeans here that get me compliments -  for much cheaper than I'd spend on Levi's! I question long term durability as others have indicated. Same thing happened with my $395 pair of Burberry jeans. Sitewide search... Login. When they do show up, we’re done. Abysmal Customer Service, mediocre products. We wanted very much to like your company. Add content to this section using the sidebar. Although they are slim cut and body hugging in places, they don't restrict movement and look fantastic. Not only is the concept awesome, great fitting jeans at a great price, this place is so much more than that. There's no phone number on your website. WTF?? Thanks, William! I love the jeans but the customer service is terrible. Subscribe today for email updates based on your interests. I had already made the decision to buy something prior to walking into the store, but my experience in it left me just wanting to make my purchase and leave as quickly as possible. Several of my orders have been shipped with incorrect size or color. Home Over this past year, it seems Levi’s has abandoned this model, forcing me to search elsewhere. Can't wait to get a second pair. Their customer service is easily the worst I have experienced in the internet age. My husband is 6'5" and, of course, difficult to fit. Glad to read your review. I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars to replace my favorite jeans, the aforementioned Burberry jeans I bought at Nordstrom rack for way less than the ticket price. Those are super cute jeans, and yay for Made AND Sourced in America! 0 friends. Submitted 2 orders online. My apologies..."The jeans are un-worn, with their original labels intact. Ordered these jeans because they were advertised as an incredibly comfortable fit with stretch material. I'm letting the bank handle it. If you don't like this website, it's his fault. Getting around Chicago and Illinois is easy with our guide to ways to travel around the state. Dearborn Denim & Apparel. Will you give me your phone number? Press Esc to cancel. They got them right, they did. So, I drank the Kool-Aid, and ordered a pair of them, non-shrink in vintage wash. I ordered six pair of jeans at a cost of $379. So I've just been wearing these old  Burberry jeans that are close to falling apart.

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