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Few more editing to complete the process. All of these work with a single click and the set comes with instructions for their precise use. The Advanced Double Exposure Photoshop Action is easy to use and established in well-organized layers so you can undo your work should you need to. Although these kinds of images can hardly be seen outside of museums and galleries, there are a number of practical things you can achieve by utilizing the double exposure effect. Click the menu Edit > Free Transform or press on the keyboard Ctrl + T (windows) / Command + T (mac). Online photo editors provide the tools to create double exposure images in both ways, although some entries on this list don't allow its users to work with two or more images at the same time. Another option is the Double Exposure Glow Photoshop Action. Create a professional double exposure Photoshop effect with the help of these Double Exposure Photoshop Actions in one click If you've already installed Fotphire on your computer, double-click on its desktop icon to start the process of creating a double exposure photo. Activate the trees layer, then on the menu choose Layer  > Layer Mask > Reveal All. Pres Ctrl + D (windows) / Command + D (Mac) to set the foreground color to black. Resize and reposition the trees layer using transform tool Ctrl + T (windows) / Cmd + T (Mac). Not long ago, double exposure effects on images were originally created using cameras. 6 Tips to Become Successful Graphic Designer, 20+ Best Coffee Packaging Mockup Templates, Envato Elements Freebies For Your Projects, 30 Funny Photoshop Edits By James Fridman, 17 Creative Halloween Patterns for Your Projects, 100+ Single Letter Logo Design from A to Z, 24 Wonderful Photoshop Manipulation Tutorials, 21 Creative Typography Design Inspiration, 50 Creative Script Logo Design Inspiration. Using the Magic Wand Tool click on the white area around the lady. How To Install? They’re time savers and can help to streamline your workflow. With one click, you can transform an image using seven different color styles. Don't forget to click on the Extend to image size checkbox that allows you to apply the effect over an entire surface of the photo. Try out several different options to get the best result. We see this in advertisements, artworks and digital media design. It ideally works in medium to high exposure photographs, comes with a help file, and is generally designed to be used quickly and efficiently. Drag the portrait of the lady to the new file that you created. Click on the menu Select > Inverse to select the lady. Open the landscape image which is the photo of trees, drag and place it over the portrait layer. You might also want to consider the AI Modern Double Exposure Photoshop Actions set. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can easily create amazing double exposure pictures. Furthermore, if you carefully choose which images you are going to combine you can create powerful statements that grab the viewer's attention and convey messages you find important. Set the size to 1000 pixels width by 1200 pixels height and set the resolution to 72 dpi. Another option is the Premium Double Exposure Photoshop Action set. The Double Exposure Photoshop Action Kit allows you to create double exposure effects in a wide number of ways.

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