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We recommend you to do a little more research regarding the colleges present on both the coasts. In general, summers are hot and humid while winters are snowy. But what the west coast offers are national parks like the Redwood National Park, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, etc. Be it people, fashion, weather, temperatures, food, distances, technological exposure, or study disciplines – each coast has its benefits over the other. Well if you have, you probab... Digital Footprints: The mark you leave on the sands of the cyber universe. Have fun with your "polar vortex" and deadly heat waves, Eastern Seaboard. With this, the east coast has a more of a wet and humid climate during the summer. as once again the idea in the models of a significant retrogression of the ridge towards the Four Corners in the next week or two seems to have gone out the window. Do you think location really matters when it comes to taking admission in a college? Wave analysis is generally more helpful than statistical analysis for waves. The West Coast road trips are quite expensive as you have to travel really long to be out of California. Entrepreneurism is in the air in California. I don't see this as a failing of mainstream media.Presumably the Times is also giving voice to contrasting or at least more sober opinion pieces on climate.John Marshall. For instance, you need to drive for seven long hours to drive from San Francisco to LA. weather is generally great all up and down the coast. The beach structures are very different, mostly because of the weather and water temperature. We have constructed 12 ways for you to reduce you... WENDY'S                                     On the east coast a warm current flows alongside the east coast causing the climate to be hot and humid. With the major cities in proximity, The East Coast will let you see a lot of cool stuff without the need to wander very far away. Rather than look for "CCI" anti-correlation in the time domain, wouldn't it be more informative to look directly for a correlation, that is specifically an anti-correlation doing a good old Pearson plot? But, don’t get driven by these contrasting natures of Eastern coast and western coast, these are just the observed differences and a lot depend on your personal outlook and likings too. But, it is critical to consider this parameter before relocating as your fashion sense has a profound impact on your personalities. The West Coast’s sightseeing includes its natural landscapes, pristine beaches, Washington’s Pacific Northwestern forests and Oregon’s majestic mountains. However, if you like to be acquainted with a new city, its history, culture, and other stuff, then west coast road trips can be exciting for then you with new culture and other stuff. In general, summers are hot and humid while winters are snowy. This comment has been removed by the author. It's literally sunny 88 percent of the time in Redding, California. Note that the temperatures of the west coast regions do not fluctuate much due to which there are no springs and autumns there. East coast bad. Let's settle this once and for all. On the other hand, most West Coast Colleges have large campuses. Moreover, both springs and autumns are damp. On the Eastern Coast, people want to look chic and stylish all the time. The water doesn’t evaporate so easily. Can you show that "polar plot" for the time frame when TE<

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