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Both companies seem content to leave well alone so no Windows version is expected at any time in the near future. Is there any Official Version of Facetime for PC? All callers need to have a Yahoo account to be able to chat and there is no encryption but call quality is decent and most people over a certain age still have a Yahoo account. And perhaps the biggest bonus of this feature is the lightning speed where you can run the app seamlessly with other apps in the background and not have a single moment of delays, crashes or other problems. Step 4: Select the friend with whom you want to do a video call, and  you will be their email address, Click on the email address to start the video call. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Its comes automatically installed with iPhone, iPads and Mac computers. Was this review helpful? Step 2: By, now Face time must have got installed on your emulator. The functioning of application is exactly like in facetime for android. Just open the facetime app and select the type of call you like to make and type their name, phone number or registered email id. Many of these versions can be found as exe files compatible with Windows, or be made to run on Windows otherwise, using various emulator software. Time for another answer to a reader’s question. FaceTime is a Mac-only application, developed by Apple Inc. If it doesn't, you know that Required fields are marked *. Here’s what the features include: Now that we have conveyed the awesomeness of the app, let us now tell you how to get it on your device. But you can score a few of these online, though with significant looking around. So, here are the steps to free download Facetime on Windows computer or laptop. Designed as a competitor to WhatsApp, Hangouts offers video and voice chat through  the browser or via an Android phone. When the facetime app was first introduced in 2010, communication can only be done by using Wifi. Viber is almost a carbon copy of Skype with many of the same features. Or use something like CCleaner to force removal. Make sure that FaceTime isn't open, then see if your camera works in another application, such as Photo Booth. Blogger | Entrepreneur | Social Media Strategist | | Travel Freak. Facetime gives you the liberty to pause a call or mute it, or stop video streaming, as per your convenience. There is no telling how much that has bothered the app’s fans. Ans : All the people you have saved in the contacts app of your phone will be added shown in facetime application. This time it’s a question about apps and ‘How can I use FaceTime on a Windows PC?’ I am answering this as a matter of urgency as there is a serious security risk to your PC if you Google that question. Like Skype, all parties need to use Viber to be able to video chat but you can call out of Viber to a cell or landline for a modest fee. Yes, Facetime uses end to end encryption to protect the user data. So, we have written a complete guide on downloading FaceTime for Windows PC/7/8/xp/8.1/10. Then run a full antivirus scan overnight to remove anything the fake app left behind. Or click on “send message” option to send a message to that contact for free of cost. The only way to install facetime on a windows computer is via Bluestacks. The person who asked whether they can use FaceTime on a Windows PC said they had downloaded three apps from websites that offered FaceTime for Windows. SO DELETE IT IF YOU HAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER. Facetime app works using mobile cellular data or wifi connection to allow you to make audio or video call to connect your contacts who have facetime app on their mobile, laptop/computer … Facetime is a native feature for IOS and now since you know how to get Facetime for PC free but you might be confused on how to use facetime on PC, isn’t it ? Even if you have 4G LTE on your iPad, you need to be connected to a wifi network to make calls with facetime. You can use facetime app to call you friends, family members and colleagues whoever having apple devices. Then, run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to make sure there is nothing your antivirus missed. It comes built-in iPad, iPhone, Ipad and Mac Devices, Over the wifi you can make a call, you don’t need call phone service, Not a cross-platform, it available only on iPad, iPhone, Ipad and Mac Devices, It’s not the right solution for non-apple users. You need to remove it from your computer immediately. Hangouts is apparently being replaced by Google Duo and Google Allo but I have seen little sign of that happening as yet. There have been attempts to fashion Facetime app into a PC compatible beta, and several developers online have tried making their own versions (though most of these are restricted to private online forums and meant to be tested by fellow developers, hence unavailable to the public at large).

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