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As well as ‘The Authority Dentist Code to a Better Life: Work 2 Days A Week.’. Via all communication channels, we do our best to generate the maximum performance possible. This not only made us aware of how to take better care of ourselves, but also forced us to change some protocols on treatment planning and execution of cases. Courses are listed in order by category, day and appearance. Learn about the different minimally invasive treatment options. Fixed Prosthodontics; AGD Subject Code 610, Lecture, up to 55 minutes You are now being transferred to our secure payment area. ‘The most exciting new patient marketing breakthrough since the internet began. With science and evidence-based information, we have a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between dental materials and the dental substrate. A solution that can save you from a recession-hampered and mundane exam-drill-and-fill existence. Realize the importance of a good preparation design for multiple restorations and materials. Upon completion of this session, you should be able to: In the last decade, intra oral scanners have become a powerful tool for many dentists, but the change from an analogic routine to digital flow has been difficult for many of us because it requires stepping out of our comfort zone and away from the familiarity of diagnostic casts, wax-ups and impressions. Hosted by myself, Anthony J.Gedge. This lecture aims to simplify the process of bonding ceramics and provide the clinician with a protocol that can be used to bond any type of dental ceramic. Process tips and tricks to simplify the process from provisional to the final restoration. A bold promise? Anthony J. Gedge is an online training programme instructor, a former 2x nightclub and record label owner, author and dentistry practice-turnaround mentor. These traditional treatment concepts are supported by a strong body of evidence, as numerous studies were published over the last 20 to 30 years on the outcomes of full crown and bridgework. He and his staff are dedicated to providing you with a pleasant visit and results that you’ll smile about. And my aim today is to demonstrate how I and my inner circle, and Dr Virtual X, are leveraging this huge opportunity available to any reluctant virtual dentist. Those that went online first won. Email: Operative (Restorative) Dentistry; AGD Subject Code 250, Lecture, up to 45 minutes Demonstrate how SmileFast can fit in your everyday workflow. Dental Awards FMC is proud to be the host of 8 awards ceremonies throughout the year. We realized we don’t have the luxury of bringing patients back and forth to our office for minor corrections, and instead we added elements to our daily workflow. We've detected that your JavaScript seems to be disabled. A client first introduced me to what I have now termed “the billion-mouth scan machine.” It’s an automatic advantage to collect, converse, convert new ready, willing and ready-to-pay-deposits patients with, yes, the world’s greatest dentistry A.I. "It is very rare to come across 'game changers', but to come across so many in one day is unheard of in my experience. Stay up-to-date with everything Dentistry on a daily basis. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Seattle Study Club  All Rights Reserved. FMC’s ethos is heavily based around the importance of getting results for our readers and industry clients. During quarantine I had the most expensive three months—though our practice was closed, I chose to still pay full salaries to my team (they’ve been with me for years).

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