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Limited capabilities: Like most people, I've had so many different phones I lost count and many have had to be replaced due to damage of some sort mostly manufacturers defects when the phone just stopped working and I've never ever experienced anything like the drama I've endured from Geek Squad. Please Note*** that if they screw up and know it is their fault, they will not hold any accountability in regards to making it right with their customer. For more information about reviews on please visit our They take our money and then they do jack squat for us. Would highly recommend. They broke my keyboard. The installer screwed a 5inch long nail directly to the drainage pipe in the wall. let me start from the beginning our tv screen went black (out of nowhere) one day so I called up Best Buy who said I needed receipts to prove purchase. Took it to Geek Squad in the Best Buy where the computer was purchased and they looked at it and never fixed it. So here I sit on hold 1 hour and 23 minutes into this and nobody.Bottom line is I'm paying Best Buy every month for a phone I don't have and insurance that has done me absolutely no good. For $199.99 per year, you can purchase Best Buy Total Tech Support to cover all your devices regardless of where or when you bought them. Highly recommended. I purchased the most expensive bracket and they were in my hime from 9 AM till 5 PM on Feb 14,2020. STAY AWAY/. ?Absolutely the most absurd company I have ever had the displeasure in dealing with.. I have tried calling the help line about 30 times in the past 2 months and cannot get through, but when I do they keep sending me to other phone lines then hanging up. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Made a claim for a phone lost/pick pocketed on holiday and received a replacement the next day!Other insurance companies ask a million questions and make you feel like a criminal being interrogated. This is absolutely ridiculous. I give them another week or so, and if I don’t hear anything from anyone, I will look for a lawyer. First of all I like how you have to give a should read zero stars. If you are still convinced even after reading every review, which is all negative as you can see... you missed out on the most important information to help save you money and time. Since the service plan is useless, I requested a refund and cancellation of the service plan which they refused to do. First class. It took them ONE MONTH to repair it. Disgusted. I have never lost a phone and still to this day I cannot for the life of me figure out how it went missing. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. 2 weeks after my original appointment a guy came and was just like yeah.. the tv is broken it’s not worth fixing so we will just replace you with a new tv. First, gotta pay a nice $250.00 ransom for the lost claim before we go any further. I cannot believe they are still in business with this kind of customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAPPY SERVICE!!! I DON'T HAVE A PHONE!!! I had two geek squad employees walk by me, one asked If I needed something and I said I had an appt. I immediately called to schedule a in home appointment to fix our tv. Poor form Best Buy and Geek Squad!!!!! The appointment was scheduled for 3 weeks out and I find out the day before my scheduled appointment that Control4 pulled their contract with Best Buy/Geek Squad and they are no longer servicing Control4. I cannot say enough bad things now about how they have handled this. Anyways, **Please read with caution if you are planning on using Geek Squad for warranty**An organization full of MISINFORMATION. Ok, did that so hand over the phone!

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