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The government will be disinfecting public spaces and conducting medical checks during the curfew. "We are suspending congregational prayers, starting with Friday prayers over the novel corovanvirus. Officials also said on Saturday that shopping centres would be open for reduced hours. The ban includes other public spaces such as cinemas, concert and wedding halls, hookah cafes, internet cafes, all types of gaming centres, amusement parks, pools and Turkish baths until further notice. “Due to school closures, mothers working in our municipality, its affiliated bodies and joint ventures who have children younger than 12 will be considered on paid leave,” Yavaş tweeted. We have opened a second on-call [help] line for our citizens living in countries with high numbers of coronavirus cases,”  Diken quoted Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu as saying. Following panic buying due to the coronavirus outbreak, Turkish pasta producers have sought to reassure the public after pasta started being sold online at an inflated rate. 21:44 - Turkish TV host receives positive diagnosis after urging for test results on social media. 17:40 - Turkish Medical Association says coronavirus cases in Turkey ‘may well exceed 18’. The document, which claims to be published by the Health Ministry’s General Directorate of Emergency Health Services, says that supermarkets would only be open on certain days of the week and that social gatherings of more than three would no longer be allowed, among other claims. Meanwhile, Erdogan is scheduled to hold talks with his French and German counterparts via teleconference rather than hosting a summit in Istanbul, Workers wearing protective clothing disinfect the main hall of Parliament in Ankara, on 13 March 2020 (AFP). to return to Turkey at the earliest possible date,’’ the embassy said in a statement posted on Twitter. Turkey has tested 7,000 suspected cases to date, Adıyaman said, which severely lagged behind the level required to determine how widespread the pandemic was in the country. Two gardeners and one teashop worker were transferred to an Ankara hospital after seeing a doctor in the parliamentary medical facilities, it said. Congregational prayers increase the risk of spreading a virus, news site T24 quoted Erbaş as saying, referring to the deadly coronavirus. 19:06 - Scuffle breaks out between police, quarantined pilgrims in central Turkey. The breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on Sunday confirmed the sixth case of the COVID-19 in the northern third of the island it controls, T24 said., 21:10 - Turkey banning flights with six more countries. 13:30 - Father 'smuggles' daughter from possible quarantine. “There will be broadcasts all day, the appropriate hour and class levels have been set for students,” the minister said. © Middle East Eye 2020 - all rights reserved. Turkish nationals in said countries will have until Tuesday at midnight to return to Turkey and will be kept in quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, Diken said. Hassasiyetinizle oynayanlar var. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has cancelled all holidays for the staff of diplomatic missions in a bid to better serve Turkish citizens living abroad amid fears surrounding the deadly coronavirus, Diken news site reported. Non-urgent court hearings will be postponed where possible, the minister said. 13:43 - Istanbul courthouse delays all trial hearings. The Turkish Cypriot administration has suspended flights from 23 countries, allowing only inbound flights from Turkey and Britain on condition passengers undergo a 14-day period of quarantine. Detailed information on the distance learning programme will be uploaded to the Education Information Network website in the coming days. Kalin added that universities would be closed for three weeks. Ziyaretçimiz John Malkovich de olsa Türk usülü kolonya ikramı ile başlıyor görüşmelerimiz Such unclear samples were not added to the tally, the chairman said. “Primary and secondary schools will be closed beginning on 16 March for a week. Distance learning classes are due to start on March 23 after a one-week holiday announced on Thursday. "No one should panic. Burak Akkul posted a video on social media earlier on Monday, urging health officials to help him in receiving the results of a coronavirus test he took four days prior. 19:45 – Turkish prisons to not admit persons showing symptoms of respiratory infection. Yarınki MYK ve salı günkü Koronavirüs İzleme Komitesi toplantılarımızda son gelişmeleri değerlendireceğiz. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has suspended his foreign trips, said he would hold talks with French and German leaders about solving the migration crisis next week by teleconference rather than hosting a summit as originally planned. The Istanbul municipality reported a drop of nearly 10 percent in the use of public transport since Monday, citing the risk posed by the coronavirus as the likely cause. 22:15 – Izmir, Ankara announce paid leave for municipal workers with young children. The five are among 10,300 Turkish nationals returning from Mecca, who have now been placed in 14-day quarantine in university dormitories in Ankara and the the southern city of Konya in order to contain the spread. Three more people have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus in Turkey, raising the country’s official confirmed cases to five, Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told reporters on Friday. Seven of the new cases  reported on Sunday come from Europe and three are from the United States, state-run Anadolu news agency quoted the minister as saying. Around 21,000 Turkish nationals are expected to return from pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia over the next few days. 16:10 - Turkey's top religious body says it banned pilgrimages since late February. Only 45 percent believe the Health Ministry and the country’s health organisations are taking adequate measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country while the same percentage believe that health institutions are sharing accurate information on the outbreak of the novel virus, news site T24 reported. A couple who identified themselves only as Jeannette and Stefan said they came to Atlanta two weeks ago to vacation and learned Saturday that their flight back to Germany had been canceled. Panik yaratacağı bilinerek UYDURULMUŞTUR., 15:50 – Istanbul residents avoid public transport. Hawaiian The decision follows the tripling of Turkey’s deadly coronavirus cases to 18 on Sunday. Tekrar merhaba. Meanwhile, Turkey’s third largest city Izmir’s Mayor Tunç Soyer announced that “parents with children younger than 12” will be eligible for administrative leave as part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus, after Yavaş was criticised for not including fathers. Turkey stepped up measures to arrest the spread of the illness on Thursday, temporarily shutting schools and universities, barring fans from sports events and telling citizens who have travelled abroad to self-isolate. The three patients were also among the people isolated upon suspicion following the first diagnosed case, Koca said, repeating the ministry’s decision to not announce where the patients were diagnosed. All land travel to and from Iran has also been suspended, the minister said. Turkey’s lira fell as investors increased their bets on deeper cuts to interest rates to soften the impact of the coronavirus on economic activity. The decision follows a rise in cases of the virus reported by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca on Sunday. 15:30 - Turkey's education watchdog cancels vacations of medical, academic staff. Turkey recorded a new case of coronavirus on Saturday, bringing the total tally to six in one of the least infected countries in the Middle East, according to Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

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