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He … Running from 1955 to 1975, this old-time western classic can still be watched on CBS's streaming service. Dennis Weaver, whose portrayal of Deputy Chester Goode in the classic television western "Gunsmoke" made him the favorite sidekick of the early television era, died on Friday at his home in Ridgway, Colo. Dennis Weaver, who portrayed Matt Dillon's sidekick Chester, actually left the series three times before his final departure after season nine. Directed by Harry Harris.

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Replies. Blake's character was Miss Kathleen "Kitty" Russell, the proprietor of a saloon in Dodge City, the setting for "Gunsmoke." How long was Chester on Gunsmoke? He simply 'went away' without mention of where he had gone.

Mr. Weaver's long career ranged beyond acting. Thanks for this blog Mr Tony "Tennessee WordSmith" Smith. Chester Goode was never 'officially' written out of the Gunsmoke series. Dennis Weaver, 81, Sidekick on 'Gunsmoke,' Dies. Blake subsequently quit the popular television show, which was then in its 19th season. In 1993, he and his wife founded a nonprofit group called the Institute of Ecolonomics -- a word Mr. Weaver coined from combining ecology and economics -- to find solutions to environmental problems. Initial Gunsmoke scripts gave him no name at all; his lines were simply slugged [clarification needed] to be spoken by "Townsman". After playing a series of character actors, often in westerns, he landed the role of Chester Goode in "Gunsmoke."

Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Back to Top; Post by tex2 (R.I.P 2019) on Oct 15, 2015 8:07:38 GMT -5. It was while delivering flowers that he heard he had landed the role of Chester Goode, the limping, loyal assistant of Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) on the new television series Gunsmoke.

The Actor Behind Chester on 'Gunsmoke' Grew Restless Playing the Sidekick By Allison Cacich Updated 6 months ago TV Land is proving to be the channel to watch during the COVID-19 quarantine. Besides his wife, Gerry, and son Rusty, Mr. Weaver is survived by his sons Rick and Rob and three grandchildren. Chester Goode was never 'officially' written out of the Gunsmoke series.

The show's comic-relief character, Chester, was actually one of the first to be cast in the show, coming even before Matt Dillon was cast.

A dying man confesses to a murder of which he was acquitted, but Chester suspects the man was lying. In 1982, with his wife and some friends, he founded an organization called Love Is Feeding Everyone, which fed more than 100,000 people in Los Angeles each week. Chester was played by Parley Baer on radio, and by Dennis Weaver on television. The lanky Mr. Weaver became famous for his limping deputy with a drawl, the buddy of Marshal Matt Dillon, a portrayal for which he won an Emmy in 1959. It was while delivering flowers that he heard he had landed the role of Chester Goode, the limping, loyal assistant of Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) on the new television series Gunsmoke. The cause was complications of cancer, said Julian Myers, his publicist. How long was Chester on Gunsmoke? After growing up on a Missouri farm, Mr. Weaver served as a Naval Air Corps pilot, and he graduated with a degree in fine arts in theater from the University of Oklahoma. From 1955 to 1964, he was on "Gunsmoke," the longest-running prime-time drama series on television. Matt many times asked Chester to take and lock-up a prisoner, yet never Deputized. Amanda Blake's last episode on "Gunsmoke" was "The Disciple," which originally aired on April 1, 1974. from Canada. False. After playing a series of character actors, often in westerns, he landed the role of Chester Goode in "Gunsmoke.".

In 1986 he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When he was called to be told he had won the part of Chester, he was out delivering flowers. At one time he had a comedy/variety stage show with his wife, Gerry, and son Rusty. In 2003 the institute created a "Drive to Survive" campaign in which Mr. Weaver led a fleet of alterative-fuel vehicles on a cross-country tour to Washington to raise awareness about reducing the country's dependence on oil. Long live Gunsmoke. He went from nerd to sex symbol in "McCloud," playing Sam McCloud, a New Mexico deputy marshal on loan to the New York City police, who sometimes rode his horse through the city streets. He starred in the 1971 television film Duel, the first film of director Steve… Advertisement. Chester was always indicated as his helper, friend. For the last nine years he had been the host of Starz Entertainment's "Westerns" channel. Chester Goode, and Matt replies, "He used to work for me")-Dukieboy . Reply. With James Arness, Dennis Weaver, Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake. William Dennis Weaver (June 4, 1924 – February 24, 2006) was an American actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild, best known for his work in television and films from the early 1950s until not long before his death in 2006. Long Live Gunsmoke.

He did not hit it big in Hollywood, and during his struggle to make a living as an actor his jobs included selling pantyhose and delivering flowers. Prior to Gunsmoke, Weaver held a number of odd jobs, including a janitor and a door-to-door salesman for items such as vacuum cleaners, ladies' hosiery and tricycles. Am here to testify of a great and powerful spell caster named Dr.Adoda I was so confused and devastated when my lover left me for another girl.

He also starred in "Gentle Ben," from 1967 to 1969, playing Tom Wedloe, an Everglades ranger who adopts a black bear as a pet. My name is Amelia. Cyril Vivian August 27, 2020 at 4:20 AM. But he starred in nine television series. Since 1990, Mr. Weaver and his wife had lived in an earthship: an almost 10,000-square-foot, solar-powered home in Ridgway constructed from about 3,000 recycled tires and 300,000 tin and aluminum cans. Over the next three years, he played in a series of movies, but still had to work odd jobs to support his family. He directed several episodes of various television shows, wrote poetry, and in 2001 his autobiography, "All the World's a Stage," was published. Reply Delete. The character of Chester appeared on Gunsmoke from 1955 through 1964. Hail Chester and Festus!! Chester's character had no surname until Baer ad libbed "Proudfoot" during an early rehearsal.

His last role was as Henry Ritter, a grandfather in "Wildfire," a dramatic series on the ABC Family Channel. Is anyone from Gunsmoke still alive? In 1948, he was a decathlon finalist in the United States Olympic trials. He simply 'went away' without mention of where he had gone. Weaver's two most famous roles were as Marshal Matt Dillon's trusty partner Chester Goode/Proudfoot on the CBS western Gunsmoke and as Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud on the NBC police drama McCloud. He released several country music albums and had a one-man show in which he played 19 different Shakespearean characters. The classic TV show Gunsmoke, which ran for 20 years on CBS, was one of the best sitcoms of its time. There are also several episodes were Matt indicates when the mail is delivered by Chester if his paycheck is there, never Chester's. Mr. Weaver also had leading roles in 40 motion pictures, including Orson Welles's 1958 film "Touch of Evil," and the 1971 classic "Duel," directed by a young Steven Spielberg, made for television but released theatrically in Europe.

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