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TNH Health’s platform, Vitalk, is a mobile phone app that provides highly-personalised, interactive text messaging to pregnant women and new mothers, allowing healthcare providers and decision-makers to track development milestones and link women to care. COVID-19 has only strengthened our resolve to support entrepreneurs who seek to make access and delivery of quality, affordable care a reality. With our scale, talent, and determination, along with our partners, we are modelling a straightforward, integrated, and comprehensive approach to secure and advance global health. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. We believe that impact investing has a significant role to play in helping to drive the innovation needed, and at Johnson & Johnson we want to raise our voice to help bring in more of the active, engaged, double-bottom-line capital that’s so vital. This is transformational innovation informed by those at the frontlines of care and available and accessible to the people and communities who need it most. This digital platform has changed the way NHS workers can connect with their patients during COVID-19 by providing an alternative to face-to-face appointments across a range of specialties. Through that one person, an entire community can thrive; through an empowered health workforce, we can achieve equitable health systems. To make sustainable, long-term differences to human health. Box 0367 Chesterfield, MO 63006 Next Steps We will review your application . Impact investing as a field has an estimated market size of $228B, yet the Global Impact Investing Network estimates only six percent of those investments are in health. Most recently, we created the Johnson & Johnson Centre for Health Worker Innovation (CHWI); our aim with CHWI is to formalise the cross-enterprise efforts of our Corporate, Pharmaceutical, Consumer and Medical Devices teams to test, evolve, and scale the best ideas by and for the health workforce, wherever those ideas may originate. We spoke with Kris Sterkens, Chairman, Janssen EMEA, and Chair, the Johnson & Johnson Foundation (Scotland), about the vital role impact investment can play in providing quality healthcare for all and why a health-worker-first approach is a key to building resilient health systems now and in the future. This use of AI and telehealth is quite exciting, and Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures is supporting a hyper-local effort with a clear impact-goal to demonstrate how this kind of technology can thrive in a low-resource setting. We must work on both frontlines – the lab and the clinic – to face down challenges, and entrepreneurs are vital partners across all of our efforts. You can read more about our privacy policy, Communications Professionals in Philanthropy Network, European Foundation Financial and Investment Officers Group, Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe, Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe, Diversity, Migration and Integration Thematic Network, European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food, Philanthropy Advocacy – For a favourable operating environment, Facilitating tax-effective cross-border philanthropy, FATF: Protecting the sector in international counter-terrorism policy. The Johnson & Johnson family of companies, consisting of more than 200 operating companies in 54 countries, has its worldwide headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey, US, where the company was founded over a century ago. Just think of the double impact possible if we see this segment of the social finance community grow. Call us +44 (0) 203 912 8400. Administrative Manager. We fundamentally believe that good health for all is possible, and Johnson & Johnson was one of the first companies to step forward in 2015 with a robust commitment to the U.N. Worldwide, with emphasis on the EMEA area and projects in communities where the company operates. And the answer for so many is the nurse, midwife or community health worker who is the connection to formal health systems. Drawing on just one example, our partner in the UK, ‘Patient Knows Best’, has built a technology platform that brings together patient data from health and social care providers as well as a patient’s own data into one secure, patient-driven personal health record. We have been guided by both a core value and a healthy dose of pragmatism. Sustainable Development Goals. Our entrepreneur partners are helping governments and healthcare leaders respond to this pandemic experience, which will change how we deliver care for the long haul, including prioritising access and the health workers core to expanding quality care for all. Member . When we’re considering partners, we search for those who share our commitment to putting the needs of communities first and to fostering co-ownership with communities. We will fulfill this, and other philanthropic efforts, through community-based partnerships. Mail: Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures’ investments focus on improving access and delivery of quality and affordable care. Johnson & Johnson is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer. Given the WHO estimate that by 2030, the world will face an 18 million shortfall in health workers, and the reality that health workers represent the frontline against COVID-19, our network of social entrepreneurs were uniquely positioned to help. The Resource Foundation has partnered with Johnson & Johnson to support programs in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2003. Thank you Johnson & Johnson and Doctor Payaso Foundation, for these beautiful moments you gave us.” – Gilma Rico Gonzalez, nurse in Colombia “I believe in empathy as a source of healing, a way of building community, and of course building resilience. 400 million people worldwide lack access to any care whatsoever and billions more deserve higher quality care. Our philanthropic approach delivered through the Johnson & Johnson Foundation of course utilises funding, but we also apply our extensive expertise on the ground around the world, and a highly active employee engagement programme. Through it we have been able to engage with remarkable entrepreneurs to explore how new types of capital could scale both their social businesses and their impact in communities around the world. As a healthcare company, we recognise our unique role and responsibility to deliver, and that starts with a focus on people – patients and the health workers who serve them. COVID-19 has made it very clear that innovative access to health is needed in every community, and the people with the knowhow to deliver those innovations are local. The Resource Foundation has partnered with Johnson & Johnson to support programs in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2003. Sustainable Development Goal 3. The Johnson & Johnson family of companies, consisting of more than 200 operating companies in 54 countries, has its worldwide headquarters in … There is a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in East Africa, centralised in Nairobi; combined with Johnson & Johnson’s roots in Africa and strong partnership base, we focused our first portfolio approach in Kenya and have already expanded to both mature and emerging markets in other hubs across South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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