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“You made a promise to the people of South Carolina that you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing right now.”. Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of President Donald Trump's closest allies on Capitol Hill, is locked in a virtual tie with his Democratic challenger, Jaime Harrison, according to … ► Election results for Greenville, Pickens counties. That should be a winning strategy in a conservative state that Trump won by 14 points four years ago. Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks at a campaign event for U.S. House candidate Nancy Mace on Monday in North Charleston, S.C. | Meg Kinnard/AP … A Quinnipiac University poll late last month showed a 48%-48% tie between the two candidates. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), right, gives moderator Judi Gatson an elbow bump after debating Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison on Saturday in Columbia, S.C. “This is the perfect year for the right Democrat in South Carolina to be competitive in this state.”. There was some suggestion that Graham was distancing himself from Trump's rhetoric by emphasizing his commitment to a peaceful transition. Voters also cast ballots Tuesday in the Democratic primary for South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District. ► Election results for Anderson, Oconee counties, “I am deeply grateful and humbled by the trust placed in me by South Carolina Republicans, and I will not let them down,” said Graham in a statement emailed by his campaign. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R … © Brett Flashnick Sen. Lindsey Graham Graham, a Republican from Seneca, received 68% of the votes. Graham said he’s willing to do more but won’t support what he calls “socialist” policies on the left or a resurrection of the full $600 supplemental unemployment benefit that expired in July and helped the economy bounce back from the Covid-19 recession. This betrayal didn't happen decades ago; it occurred this week. South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick released an emailed statement on the primary Tuesday night. RealClearPolitics - Election 2020 - South Carolina Senate - Graham vs. Harrison Though Graham doesn't appear to have any such concerns. Instead of cruising to a third term, Graham finds himself deadlocked with Democrat Jaime Harrison in recent polls and being out-raised and outspent as the election draws closer. Start the day smarter. Cleveland will face Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan in the November general election for the second time since 2016. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1982 to 1988 and the South Carolina Air National Guard from 1989 to 1995. U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham won the Republican primary Tuesday, defeating three relatively unknown challengers in his bid for a fourth term. Seneca residents Hosea Cleveland won the primary with 57% of the votes. "People wonder about the peaceful transfer of power. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted the race from “solid Republican” to “lean Republican” in April and on Wednesday put it in the toss-up category. Graham will face Democrat Jaime Harrison in the November general election. But the coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s stubbornly low approval ratings and the swirl of controversies have kept expanding the possibilities for Democrats. They're not the same thing. Duncan defeated Cleveland four years ago by collecting 73% of the votes. ... South Carolina Election Results. Harrison assailed Graham for the flip-flop. It also had Harrison as a 18-point favorite among independent voters by 46 to 28 percent.’ Plz follow @harrisonjaime to help South Carolina get rid Lindsey Graham. Harrison has outpaced Graham more than 2-to-1 in direct campaign advertising spent or reserved, $66 million to $24 million, according to Advertising Analytics—spending $7.5 million last week alone. He has opposed Democrats’ demands on the grounds it would discourage work. “But it’s still South Carolina.”, Source: With assistance from Laura Litvan and Allison McCartney. Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, July 11, 2018. But Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) pushed a line that was a little different. Graham, who recently described the Barrett hearings as the “Super Bowl” of his Judiciary chairmanship, said in an interview that he knows his state well and is confident of prevailing on Nov. 3. “We’re taking it very seriously,” Graham said of Harrison’s campaign. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, speaks to reporters after a luncheon on Capitol Hill on May 14, 2020. Graham has taken to regularly beseeching Fox News viewers for campaign donations. Harrison later became chairman of the state Democratic Party and a lobbyist. Graham, a Republican from Seneca, received 68% of the votes. Follow the storythread for real time updates on this graphic. He later worked for House Democratic Whip Jim Clyburn—the highest ranking African-American in Congress and an elder statesman of South Carolina politics. But 2020 is anything but a typical year in American politics. Pickens County resident Michael LaPierre was a distant second with 17%, followed by North Charleston resident Joe Reynolds with 9% and former Walterboro City Councilman Duke Buckner with 6%. Harrison, who had an aunt die from Covid-19, also attacked the federal response to the virus and said Graham had failed to do enough to help the thousands in South Carolina who have become unemployed, lost their health insurance or are struggling to pay rent. “After Lindsey’s 25 years in Washington, the people of this state are ready for a change," Harrison said. We’re ready and eager to make that happen and re-elect Senator Graham in November.”. I promise you as a Republican, if the Supreme Court decides that Joe Biden wins, I will accept the result. Harrison, a former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, has raised more campaign cash than Graham this year and is widely seen as the most formidable foe that Graham has faced in his long political career. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. He’s also facing the potential for more younger voters, who tend to tilt toward Democrats and are energized by the Black Lives Matter movement, she said. “Senator, you said, ‘use my words against me,’” Harrison said. If the South Carolinian believes the political world -- voters, lawmakers, journalists, et al. It would then fall to GOP-backed jurists to be the arbiter of whether the GOP ticket gets to remain in power. But the details matter: the senator committed to honor a hypothetical ruling from conservative Supreme Court, not an election result. There were a half dozen more tempting and viable targets, such as Maine, Colorado and Arizona. Before we even consider the specific details, it's worth pausing to note how hilarious it is that Lindsey Graham expects people to take his "assurances" and "promises" seriously. ‘The poll said that 56 percent of the voters had an unfavorable view of Graham, with 35 percent viewing him favorably. “He doesn’t come with a lot of baggage, he’s not from the progressive wing of the party, and they cleared the field for him,” Vinson said. Senator Lindsey Graham’s lead role in next week’s Supreme Court nomination hearings will be the high-wire finale to his suddenly close race for re-election. In his comments, delivered on Fox News, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee didn't say he'd accept the will of the voters; he said he'd accept the will of the Supreme Court. The court will decide, and if Republicans lose, we'll accept the result.". In the United States Senate, South Carolina's Lindsey Graham has earned a reputation as a conservative, a problem-solver, and a leader who gets things done. South Carolina was low on the list for most Democrats as the party plotted a strategy for retaking the Senate at the beginning of the year. Pickens County resident Michael LaPierre was a … from the University of South Carolina Law School in 1981. Except, as Graham probably ought to know, that's not how elections are supposed to be decided in the United States. Harrison has proved to be a formidable candidate. Graham was born in Seneca, South Carolina on July 9, 1955. “What he’s underestimated is the state has started to change,” she said of Graham. "Now, the work begins in earnest to beat Democrat Jaime Harrison in the fall. “Graham made a strategic decision that he wanted to avoid a primary, and he has carried a lot of water for Trump,” said Chip Felkel, a public affairs consultant who calls himself a Republican in exile. They're not the same thing. National Republican and Democratic leadership-aligned political action committees have started pouring millions of dollars into South Carolina, a state that hasn’t elected a new Democratic senator since 1966. It also had some underlying positives for Harrison. In 2016, and again in 2018 after the Kavanaugh hearings, Graham said that he wouldn’t consider a Trump Supreme Court pick in an election year. That’s also part of his embrace of Trump, whom Graham once labeled as a race-baiting bigot who would destroy the GOP. Danielle Vinson, a politics professor at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, said that Graham is confronting a backlash among suburban women for his support for Trump and the last Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, in 2018. Graham still has some advantages in such a strong Republican bastion, but those have been weakening. I’m on the right side of the issues.”. One day after Donald Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the event of an election defeat, several congressional Republicans carefully defended American principles, while failing to criticize their party's president by name. Vinson points out that the Palmetto State is becoming less religious and more worried about health care, especially in the year of coronavirus, which has killed more than 3,000 South Carolinians—roughly one in 1,500 residents. MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser. Still, she said she’s surprised Harrison has done so well given the state’s GOP tilt. Harrison, who won the Democratic nomination without opposition, also issued an emailed statement Tuesday night. He currently serves in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. Mark Welch of Newry received 43%. This article originally appeared on Greenville News: Lindsey Graham wins GOP primary in SC, defeating 3 lesser-known challengers, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Elizabeth Warren calls out Disney for mass layoffs after buybacks and fat executive compensation, New Report Reveals Chick-fil-A Has the Slowest Drive-Thru Service—It’s Also the Most Popular, Lindsey Graham wins GOP primary in SC, defeating 3 lesser-known challengers.

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