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Thanks for all the rides home. "I had a gigantic crush on Dave," one admitted. So I did nothing. The pews were all full, and the walls-- especially the back of the walls were lined with men in three piece suits that were 6 foot 4, athletically built, wearing sunglasses. But as Dave kept scrolling past the funny memories, of course, things got heavier. So maybe you could never imagine that, but she was. And I remember walking home in some state of shock afterwards. Ask the ones I would like to line up against a wall execution style and actually execute. Oh hoo hoo hoo hoo, come on!" They were very aware of the ways in which I contributed to the situation. It's like-- you know what it looks like right now? This is "American Life." He gets excited just thinking about the day Dave woke up. People brought up a lot of memories, things he did, some of which he didn't even remember, funny stories. I remember shoplifting from Walgreens and spending the night in jail. Her autopsy report says that her heart weighed 360 grams. I couldn't tell what it was, so I gave him a call. [SIGHS] It's really-- I don't know. And it was like she knew. Because of you, I don't have to blame her. I need you too. Last spring, Nadia Reiman, a supervising producer of “This American Life,” the influential radio program and podcast of which Glass is host and co-creator, went down the rabbit hole of a new Trump immigration policy called the Migrant Protection Protocols, or “Remain in Mexico.” The policy (challenged in federal court) hardened the administration’s stance on asylum seekers, including a provision forcing those arriving at the Southern border to wait in Mexico, rather than the United States, while their applications are reviewed. And sometimes, one bed is the basis for an entire relationship, even for a man who almost never sees the person who shares his bed. I'll talk to you later. Did my sister's obituary bring in business for you? Are you Alan, Gary, Tim, Jerry? At 4:39, she has an outgoing call to Tim for one second. 15 feet, 12 feet. It was sudden. Aside from my own body, hers is probably the other female body I knew the best. Nadia Reiman and Ira Glass of “This American Life” spoke about the show via Zoom. You may look like that. Known ForThe Strain (2015), In the Mix (2015) and Law & Order: LA (2011). Because all around everywhere were homes under construction, which-- I remember this from construction sites in our neighborhood when I was a kid-- was so incredibly fun. [SNIFFS]. One of the first things he spotted right in the middle of all the "I miss you's" was a post from his brother trying to quash the whole thing, written the day after Dave supposedly died. I was hoping to finally understand the part of her life that she refused to share with me at the end. It's stupid, and I feel so embarrassed to even admit this, but I mean, that's what I clung to is I need give her the flowers. Its deeply reported news stories on subjects like the unraveling of the housing market in 2008 and an outbreak of gun violence at a single high school in Chicago have earned prestigious awards in years past. None of this is fair, my man. I'm guessing around 25 pounds. At 4:27, she calls Gary again, and they talk for 41 seconds. In another, a woman stalks her doppelgänger. Oh, man. And [SIGHS] the fact that I'm sniffling and tearing up is generally thought as weak. And I said, "I'm going to go home, and everyone should just come over tonight after you go see Dave." I'm glad that she saw her counselor that day. My eyes popped open. He's a type 1 diabetic who had just done an awful job caring for himself. Then after things subsided, she would reach out, and we would both be happy to not have to deal with the larger issue. She was actually a clinical social worker with two master's degrees in social work and public health. [LAUGHS] I mean, of all the [CRYING] of all the things for her to think, that she was somehow this pariah for her father passing away. It hit me almost like touching a light socket. It got 70 likes, three comments. A few days before she died, Sasha sent me a silly text. I was happy that maybe she was seeing water in those last moments. More than 60,000 such migrants are now living in makeshift tent camps along the border, where they have become the targets of sexual violence, kidnapping and torture at the hands of powerful Mexican cartels. Another said, "Let's all be the most Dave Maher versions of ourselves." And then in the swirl of his own life and work and family, he kind of forgot about it. You were like, "You guys, you're not acknowledging how fucked up it was that I did this stupid thing to you.". There had been an incident about a week and a half before at my mother's house, where she had been hosting a cookout for friends. And the next thing he told me was is because of how he killed himself. You can read a shorter print version of Nadia Bowers's story on Cryptic messages on a cell phone and a teeter totter at a construction site: these are clues people found, trying to make sense of a death. The high of heroin mixed with fentanyl-- fentanyl, which is up to 100 times more potent than morphine, 100 times more potent than the drug given to my father when he was dying from cancer. I didn't know that. Blake Burkhart's friend was this guy Dave Maher. Graeme grew up in a working class town north of England. Stephanie Foo is one of the producers of our program. God help you if you loved her. This was survival. You know [COUGHS] in that sort of deep, heartbroken [COUGHS] deep, heartbroken sob. Quick warning for people listening to the podcast of our show, we've unbeeped some curse words in here. They were nearly silent, whispering among themselves while the boys were having all the fun. I clung to that idea that my mission is to give her the flowers. But he'd be like, "Come on, Blakey boy! The men on the back wall with him were steel-faced, betrayed no emotion until Eddie Furlani's daughter, a 7-year-old named Zelma, broke down in tears. I know it's been a week since Mother's Day, but Torey is still reminiscing about how much fun he had. People are saying, "No one celebrates Thanksgiving the way Dave celebrates Thanksgiving." When there was no response, he wrote, "Must be dead." Is that act title too obscure? He told me that he thought she had probably used, felt sleepy, and needed to pull over. I wanted to follow her in, barge into the apartment that she never let me enter. Her autopsy says 6:54 PM as the time of death. Unfortunately, that's how it works, so--. I asked him to tell me the story of Eddie Furlani's funeral last summer. In his essay, Charlie writes about that moment after the funeral when he was in his car talking to Mark, and he finally understood how Eddie had died. Today on our program, we have three stories of people who embark on this kind of forensics for beginners trying to understand somebody's death, bumbling their way through whatever scraps of evidence they can get their hands on, old text messages, handwritten notes, stuff that, frankly, seems so puny compared to the task at hand.

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