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I wasn't there for it, but I turned up the sound check and Dad is like, "I just got asked to join Fleetwood Mac.". And Mick Fleetwood is in the band on the record, right?NEIL: Mick is playing drums on four or five songs. Anyway, it’s going to be a slow-release rollout of the record. NEIL FINN: I think it came also as about in the right time because Liam had gone and had such a broad and wonderful experience as a musician in his own right that it didn't feel like an imposed thing. Whether we mean to or not, there’s an element of New Zealand in what we do and in all New Zealand music that has something unique about it. LIAM FINN: Yes, he sort of felt like an old friend from the get-go, and I think he must have felt the same way about us and Dad especially, because actually we were about to do some live shows playing Out of Silence in New Zealand and about to hit the sound check and Dad gets the phone call. But in the end we kind of got attracted to these things that we were jamming that were quite lyrical and almost cinematic. NEIL & LIAM FINN: LIGHTSLEEPER . RedBird Grabs Andy Gordon From Goldman Sachs To Open L.A. Office, Winter Weather Will Never Be a Problem With These 10 Snow Boots. Since Crowded House reunited in 2007, he’s managed two albums with them, one as … NEIL FINN: It just confuses the general public, I think. It was coincidental: We’d planned this before my wife got pregnant, but it became a very auspicious thing to be making an album with my dad while going through that with my wife. I love the restlessness of switching gears and every time you work with a new artist, and this includes us working together, you go away with a whole lot of fresh enthusiasm for what might be possible. There might have been some vague initial impression that it would be possibly based on Liam’s predilection for sonic wildness, and that we might have done something quite raucous. This guy’s been doing it for 50 years or something, and he’s going for teenage fills, still. NEIL: Now that I know that they think Liam’s even funnier than I am, you can do my jokes. Crowded House maestro Neil Finn and his singer-songwriter son Liam have big plans for their summer this year. But the band has had a massive history, and there’s some amazing music from back then, and I think [the core members] all see that as an opportunity as well. NEIL: We didn’t know what sort of record we should make together. And I can’t believe Mick was at the New Zealand Music Awards. This 1961 Jaguar E-Type Has Been Restored to Its Original Glory. I’ve hung out with him and he gets recognized a lot, for obvious reasons, including that he dresses so well. We felt very at home with him by the end of it, and Liam went and stayed with him in Hawaii just after the baby was born. Is there any significance to the title “Lightsleeper”?LIAM: We had been throwing around titles for even a band name for a long time because there are a lot of pros and cons that go along with naming an album after your own names or whether you have a band name. [Pauses.] But if I just thought, “Hey, I get to play with one of the best rhythm sections ever, and sing with two of the best voices ever, and sing songs that are really pretty amazing,” there was no issue. You've got to take that opportunity to play with, well, one of my favourite bands. Both Finns have a gift for tightly focused, melodic pop: songs that seem plucked from the ether and pulled into focus, belying the writing skill that went into them. LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The much loved Kiwi songwriter, Neil Finn, is having a big year. But I had a show at the end of the session in this beautiful old picture theater, and [bandmate] Connan [Mockasin] had sung a Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac song, “Need Your Love So Bad,” at my wedding, so I was like, wouldn’t it be awesome to ask Mick if he’d be into doing that song? Video expired Thu 5 Dec 2019, 8:46pm AEST. It's a real treat. But then that’s followed by the perfect miniature of Anger Plays a Part, and suddenly one is drawn back in again – until the realisation that a third of the song is coda. LIAM: I think you’re a great guitar player. So it was a novel and unique experience that is a growing thing for both of us. NEIL FINN: Well, we get on pretty well, so therefore we're different to most musical families. Families are incredibly, yeah, they are a potent mix, a volatile thing and a lot of people end up not even being able to deal with their families because it is so emotionally difficult. We did this tour of New Zealand, of small, rural halls, places that we never even knew existed in our own country, and we made a film about that along the way that’ll come out later in the year. They might be a bit sniffy or scornful of it, but I’m not getting the blame or anything. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. LEIGH SALES: Did that make you feel wary about working together, knowing that sort of dynamic exists when it's family? I mean sort of see much like when I was growing up, my little brother and I got to hang out with adults a lot cause we were on the road. But this concert is as much a showcase for this ad hoc band as it is for Neil Finn and his solo work. I think Mick is the most generous [of that class]. He’s got time for everybody that I’ve seen, anyway, and he’ll be very charming and talks in the same manner to anyone he meets. Are you worried about that at all? 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