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The People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Airborne Corps conduct live-fire drill in Wuhan, Hubei, a military exercise aimed at honing combat capabilities. The PLAAF also strove to improve its pilot training and continued to retire obsolete aircraft.

PLAAF aircraft carry these markings on the fins as well.

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The transport fleet will comprise Y-9 medium range transport aircraft, along with the Soviet Ilyushin Il-76, and domestic Y-20 heavy transport aircraft. [22] Since then, the PLAAF has gradually reduced the remaining 43 operational air divisions to 29.[23]. Lt Gen Xu Anxiang, PLAAF Deputy Commander, revealed the PLAAF has a multiphase roadmap for building a strong, modern air force.

[3] According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, PLAAF combat pilots acquire an average of 100-150 flying hours per year.

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It consisted of six P-51s, two Mosquitoes, and two PT-19s.

Although the PLAAF received significant support from Western nations in the 1980s when China was seen as a counterweight to Soviet power, this support ended in 1989 as a result of the Chinese crackdown on the Tiananmen protests of 1989 and the later collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Production of the J-10 fighter began in 2002 with an estimated 200 aircraft in service currently. Training emphasized raising technical and tactical skills in individual pilots and participation in combined-arms operations. The Air Force headquarters consists of four departments: Command, Political Work, Logistics, and Material, which mirrors the former four general departments of the PLA. However, it is certain that as the navy receives more attention, the PLANAF will receive newer aircraft and much more funding, as its significant role in projecting power over the sea is becoming evermore realized. The 1960s saw a series of air combat sorties flown against Taiwanese intruders.

[11] A recovery began around 1965 as J-2s, J-5s, and some J-6s were provided to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

3 Regiments per Division, 3 Squadrons per Regiment, and so on.

The time it took to train a qualified pilot capable of performing combat missions reportedly was reduced from four or five years to two years. [5] As of 2014, the PLAAF has a strength of around 398,000 personnel[3][6] and is the largest air force in Asia. One problem with the aircraft is that it is the heaviest carrier-borne fighter in current operation with an empty weight of 17,500 kg compared to the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet's 14,600 kg (though it is less than the F-14 Tomcat's weight of 19,800 kg). "Chinese Air Force" redirects here.

Aircraft inventory of PLAAF August 1st Aerobatic Team includes the J-10 and it has previously flown the JJ-5 and J-7.

By 11 November, the air force command was officially formed[8] from the headquarters of Liu Yalou's 14th bingtuan (which Witson translates as "Army").

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