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Directed by Will Gluck. Revue de presse | J'ai peur. • Harriet Owen as Jane, Wendy and Edward's daughter, and Danny's older sister who refuses to believe in stories, but Peter changes her mind. On en apprend enfin un peu plus. Octopus Company Credits Cubby. 242 abonnés | voiced by Spencer Breslin and 1 other. Politique de cookies | | Un pilote est payé par le réalisateur et dans celui ci je pense que les effets spéciaux ne sont pas parfaits certes, sauf qu'il y a du casting qui a du coûter chère. Publicité | voiced by Roger Rees and 2 others. Audiences US 2011/2012: la récap' de la semaine. Release Dates Lianne Hughes served as the supervising animator for Jane. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Elderly Officer / Neiman), original dialogue recording (as Matthew Roberts), adr mixer / original dialog mixer / original dialogue recording, original dialogue recording (credit only), additional special effects assistant animator (as Christopher Cann), special effects clean-up artist (as Joseroehl De Guzman), special effects animator / special effects, additional special effects assistant animator, special effects supervisor: Toronto (uncredited), additional special effects animator (as Robert Cowan), matte painter: The Secret Lab / supervising effects animator, additional special effects animator / effects animator, matte painter: The Secret Lab / visual effects producer: TSL, additional technology manager (as Bruce R. Jones), digital producer: opening shot / visual effects supervisor, additional effects animator / additional special effects animator, effects animator / matte painter: The Secret Lab, additional paint supervisor / paint supervisor, matte painter: The Secret Lab / visual effects, additional special effects animator (uncredited), clean-up artist: "Captain Hook" and "Wendy", inbetween artist: "Captain Hook", "Wendy" and "Jane", background layout artist / key background layout artist, additional clean-up artist (as Andre L. Beaulne), additional clean-up artist (as Steve Boeckler), additional animation director (as Charlie Bonifacio) / character designer (as Charlie Bonifacio), additional layout artist (as Michael Brooks), inbetween artist: "Jane" and "Peter Pan" (as Miranda Burton), additional animation checker / clean-up character lead: "Captain Hook" and "Wendy", additional layout artist (as Robert Chaplin), additional animation checker / animation checker, clean-up character lead: "Peter Pan" / clean-up supervisor, clean-up artist: "Peter Pan" (as Kevin Comty), senior inbetween artist: "Jane" and "Peter Pan", additional inbetween artist (as Jeffrey Ferguson), additional clean-up artist (as Roy Geronimo), inbetween artist: "Captain Hook", "Wendy" and "Jane" (as David Hardy), additional assistant animator (as Lisa Harlton), additional animation checker (as Mark P. Harris) / animation checker, additional layout artist (as John C. Hill) / layout artist (as John C. Hill), inbetween artist: "Captain Hook", "Wendy", and "Jane", additional background artist (as Cathy Hsu), senior clean-up artist: "Captain Hook" and "Wendy" (as Roisin Hunt), senior clean-up artist: "Captain Hook" and "Wendy", additional assistant animator (as Dorothy Kaminski), additional assistant animator / assistant animator, additional lead assistant animator (as Anne L'ecuyer), additional assistant animator (as Ronald L'ecuyer), senior inbetween artist: "Captain Hook", "Wendy" and "Jane", inbetween supervisor / supervising animator: "Peter Pan", additional animation checker (as Diana Lynn Lyle) / animation checker (as Diana Lynn Lyle), clean-up artist: "Jane" (as Conille MacArayan), additional layout artist (as Ken A. Nicholls), additional animation director / supervising animator: "Wendy", senior clean-up artist: "Jane" (as Suk Hee Park), inbetween character lead: "Jane" and "Peter Pan" / inbetween supervisor, inbetween character lead: "Captain Hook", "Wendy" and "Jane" / inbetween supervisor, background layout lead / key background layout artist, inbetween artist: "Jane" and "Peter Pan" (as Damien Smart), additional animator (as Gregory Stainton), digital background painter (as Christopher Matthew Staples), additional clean-up artist (as Phil Tiqui), inbetween assistant character lead: "Captain Hook", "Wendy" and "Jane", clean-up character lead: "Captain Hook" and "Wendy", additional background artist (as SJ Zheng), additional background artist (uncredited), additional assistant editor / assistant editor, additional background scanner / background scanner, performer: (spanish version) "The Second Star to the Right", "I'll try", scoring mixer (uncredited) / scoring recordist (uncredited), script coordinator (as Leona J. Jernigan), principal software engineer (as David Adler), production coordinator (as Renee Cataldi), planning manager / talent development & planning manager, systems administrator (as Joseph Davenport), additional production assistant (as Amedeo De Palma), adr loop group (as Iake Eissenmann) / adr loop group (as Lake Eissinmann), production controller (as Kimberly Kelly), additional production assistant / additional production coordinator, additional systems administrator / lead systems administrator, additional production coordinator / production coordinator, additional production assistant (uncredited), additional production coordinator (uncredited), additional production secretary (uncredited), additional production accountant (uncredited).

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