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If there’s a power cut in your area, simply call 105 for free. If you weren’t told about a planned power cut, let us know now. Distribution network operators in the UK Have any of your neighbours got power? Planned power cuts happen for safety reasons so that we can work safely on the network to carry out necessary work such as upgrades and maintenance, ensuring we always keep your power on. Find out if we are working on an issue in your area at the moment. 1 Make sure any appliances are switched off. Check if you have a power cut or outage in Surrey using the online power cut checker from UK Power Networks today. While Great Britain’s electricity system is very reliable, power cuts happen for a variety of reasons. Then you just need to wait until the power comes back on. If it’s extreme weather then it may be some time before the power comes back on. Keep an eye on frozen food as if it defrosts you may not be able to freeze it again, If safe, unplug sensitive electrical appliances like TVs and computers at the plug as power surges from returning power can cause damage, If outside, stay away from any downed power lines as these may still be live, If you keep any pets such as fish or reptiles that need a constant temperature then you may need to take some action, Having a battery powered radio in the house. Plus, you can also ask for information about the estimated duration of the power cut. For power cuts in North West England call 0800 195 4141, For power cuts in North East & North Yorkshire call 0800 66 88 77, For power cuts in York, Leeds, Sheffield, Northern Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire call 0800 66 88 77, For power cuts in Northern Scotland call 0800 300 999, For power cuts in Central Southern England call 0800 072 72 82, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, For power cuts in Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales & North Shropshire call 0800 001 5400, For power cuts in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Central & Southern Scotland call 0800 092 9290, Find out how we're working to keep Great Britain’s lights on reliably throughout the outbreak, What to do if there’s a power cut in your area, Make sure any appliances are switched off, For power cuts in North West England call, Use of System (UoS) and Virtual Lead Party (VLP), Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charges, Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges, Assistance for Areas with High Electricity Distribution Costs (AAHEDC), Security and Quality of Supply Standard (SQSS), Balancing services performance monitoring report, GB Electricity System Operator Daily Reports, Keeping the lights on throughout coronavirus. As such, it is most likely to occur when you turn on a light or appliance. © 2020 Scottish Power Ltd. All rights reserved. We're responsible for keeping the lights on in the North East of England, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. Call your network distributor to find out what the problem is and get more information. Although you might not know when they are going to happen, you can prepare for power cuts by: While traditional corded phones will work in a power cut, modern cordless varieties rely on a power supply. Simply enter your full or partial postcode in the box below to find out if we are currently aware of a power cut in this postcode area.

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