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Picture Information. kid dynamite tyson! Q: When did you last see Bert and did you run across each other a few times since your amazing fight of 1990? I knew I’d been hit [laughs]. Because Lennox Lewis had threaten to sue him in court if he didn't fight him. How do you think about the answers? I was so tired, I was dehydrated and I had to spend another two days in the hospital. How is Cassius Clay greatest of all time if got Parkinsons? If he [Bert] had his mind right, yeah, he would have given Tyson a real slugfest. Yeah, Smokin’ Bert Cooper, he brought the smoke with those hooks he threw. We knew each other so well, him being my sparring partner for years – matter of fact, that’s what made the fight so tough; he knew me so well and I knew him – but we were always friendly. I tell you, I had the toughest sparring partners ever, with him and Oliver McCall. Tyson had legit KO power and he'd go into a Slugfest, he might even score a KD. Still, even then, Bert, when he was a determined fighter, he could raise hell in any fight. I just want to pay my respects to Bert. James Slater talks to Ray Mercer, Ray Mercer discusses whipping Tommy Morrison, bribing Jesse Ferguson and being robbed against Lennox Lewis, On This Day: Ray Mercer scores brutal one-punch KO over Francesco Damiani, Joe Joyce – Going where the likes of Mike Tyson and Anthony Joshua did not, Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez: The preview, Tony Bellew: ‘The boxing industry at the moment is dead on its feet because so few fights are happening’, Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez: The podcast, Eddie Hearn: ‘I know the numbers inside out’, Don't miss any action. Even if Tyson just loads up with the big right hand, I think he wins this by unanimous decision. Q: You always wanted to fight Mike Tyson, and Bert was close (if he had beaten Carl Williams in 1987 he would have got a shot at Tyson). Post-prison Mike Tyson was not as fast and didn't have as great head movement as 1985-1988 Mike Tyson, but he still definitely had power, possibly even stronger than before! The man was a tough dude [laughs]. 05822990, is a trading name of Kelsey Publishing, Registered No. If I can, I’ll go to his funeral.”. He'd use his faster hand speed and follow his punches correctly, Mercer would try and outgun Tyson but it wouldn't work, Tyson would tire but his heart stays in and the latter rounds go to Ray but Tyson still attacks. Q: Did you two speak whilst being sat there, being stitched up after such a war? Evander Holyfield vs. Ray Mercer, billed as "The Warrior Returns" was a professional boxing match contested on May 20, 1995. He’d have been world champion, I’m sure of that.”. R.M: “He had power, no doubt. Q: Were your surprised Cooper fought again so soon afterwards, just over two months later, being stopped by Riddick Bowe? I honestly did think I’d get a quick night after [scoring the knockdown] but he got up. after prison, 10th round ko. Also, Mike Tyson … Get your answers by asking now. $249.00 + $4.99 shipping . But afterwards, when I went home, I had to go see the doctor again. Background. But why did he skip a lot of decent boxers in his era? What kind of mind games do boxers use on each other before a fight? November 13, 1992. Who was better in their prime, Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield? Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins. Sign up for the free Boxing News newsletter(s) here. yet above each and all of the freakin' capability! February 11, 1990. From your fast start, and with you scoring a first-round knockdown, it looked like you wanted an early night? Ray Mercer vs Tommy Morrison. But if it's the motivated Tyson from 95-96, he wins. only could not cope with the theory he must be crushed. Well if we're talking about the post-prison Tyson then I'm gonna have to say Tyson by KO in round number 9. mercer would have troubled either version of tyson. Ray Mercer had a granite chin but that's about it. Why did they skip him? ... Evander Holyfield Autographed 16" x 20" Punch vs. Ray Mercer Photograph - Fanatics Authentic Certified. Will you be buying the PPV between Floyd and Logan Paul? the only element he lacked replace into self-discipline and the middle of a champ. Tyson's hand speed should get him this. That one fight, it was enough. I tell you, I didn’t want no rematch! "Boxing is fun, even when your losing and close to dying" - Oscar Delahoya. We went through hell and I just thank the lord that I won.”. It was 12 rounds of sheer hell. SLUGGER Bert Cooper sadly passed away on Friday, at the young age of just 53. That one was something else. 02387149, 'If Bert Cooper had his mind right, he would have given Mike Tyson a real slugfest.' Mercer had a Steel Chin and walked through Lennox Lewis' Right hands and Morrison's Left Hook but I could never pin point his style. Post-prison Mike Tyson was not as fast and didn't have as great head movement as 1985-1988 Mike Tyson, but he still definitely had power, possibly even stronger than before! They had to put me on fluids. He’d have beaten most of us, no doubt. You know, some fights he [Cooper] was ready and on top of his game, and others he wasn’t. TM & © 2020 BoxingScene. The fight with Bert Cooper, it was the fight of the year that year and after it we shared the same emergency room in hospital as we got stitched up.”. God bless him.”, 2020 Boxing News. but there would be a lot of holding in the process. R.M: We did, a little. Man, I was tired. R.M: “Yeah. Q: Going into the fight you two had, in August of 1990, can you remember what you were thinking? R.M: “Oh, I really don’t know. MIKE TYSON & EVANDER HOLYFIELD AUTOGRAPHED 16X20 PHOTO BITE FIGHT JSA 179415. He bust my lip in the first round and later I needed 18 stitches and he also busted a blood vessel in my jaw. But Bert got into alcohol and drugs. He wouldn't have been the baddest man on the planet if he didn't fight so many stiffs. Re: Ray Mercer vs Mike Tyson 94-96 Post by gilgamesh » 12 Mar 2018, 20:24 Tyson wouldn't knock out Ray, and would definitely be in for a rough night, but I think he's the more talented guy (hell I know he is), and would win the majority of the rounds. Does anyone who is showing Tyson v Roy Jones in the UK. October 18, 1991. only look into the beatings he have been given against Douglas, Holyfield one million and the Lewis combat. He could easily be forced into a Slugfest/Toe to toe battle. Number one is winning the title, against the guy from Italy [Damiani], number two is the Lennox Lewis fight, which I won. the post prison tyson would still win, probably on points. Even if Tyson just loads up with the big right hand, I think he wins this by unanimous decision. Mercer would take Tyson's blows but Tyson had a granite chin, I don't think Mecer cam crack his chin. Just imagine a drug-free Bert Cooper! I knew how tough he was. Still have questions? Mike Tyson beat Andrew Golota, who was involved in two wars with Riddick Bowe etc. R.M: “I don’t think he was truly motivated to fight Bowe. All Rights Reserved. Agree/Disagree? Q: Can you rank your top three fights in order – the three that mean the most to you? Evander Holyfield Autographed 16" x 20" Punch vs. Ray Mercer Photograph - Fanatics Authentic Certified. You can sign in to vote the answer. That would've been a great fight but it's funny how Mercer fought Lennox and Holyfield back to back but somehow didn't fight Mike Tyson. I last saw Bert last year, I forget where. Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas. Tyson also didn't fight Bowe, Foreman, or Briggs. And three, Tommy [Morrison] and Bert rank [equal]. R.M: “Yeah, I wanted to get him out early. he's faster and see's almost all openings, and with his handspeed and power, he could ko ray. We actually never spoke about the fight. ***All Time Boxing*** All Time Boxing is a fed that uses real boxers from throughout history, initially starting as an intended 32 I made sure I had a good rest before fighting again [five months, with Ray’s next fight seeing him win the WBO belt with a KO over Francesco Damiani in January of 1991]. Bert Cooper wouldn’t lay down for anyone – when he was right, as he was when I fought him. I cannot remember Mercer ever calling for Tyson etc. That took a lot out of him. Q: Of all the big punchers your fought, how did Bert’s power rate? This is hard. Published by Kelsey Media Ltd. Kelsey Media Ltd, Registered No. Ray Mercer: “Yeah, it’s sad news about Bert. I was dehydrated and I was swallowing blood. A friend of mine, he let me know [that he’d died]. Post-Prison Tyson was a little Stronger than his Pre Prison self but lacked the body punching, techniques and combinations he once had. Post-prison Tyson vs steel-chinned Mercer. He never hurt me but I felt his punches. Ray Mercer had a granite chin but that's about it. But I tell you for real, nobody ever gave me as tough a fight as Bert did. Merer won a wide (on the cards) but tough, tough decision over Cooper in August of 1990, and all these years later, Mercer remembers the battle vividly. Ray Mercer official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the Heavyweight fighter from United States. It was, as you say, The Thrilla in Manila of the 1990s. He had velocity, stable stamina for a heavyweight, great mixtures, and an underrated chin. He always just walked through his opponents hits and attacks. I don’t think he did either.

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