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Yes, seriously, right in front of my eyes!!! If you’re trying to free up “System” storage space to reduce general storage usage on the iPhone or iPad, you may also be interested in learning how to remove and delete “Other” Storage on an iPhone or iPad, along with deleting “Documents & Data” from iOS apps. Within a day or 2 the system storage grew by 5 and I’m just about out again. Connect to Wifi and complete that iCloud backup. 28.84 GB used by system if my 32 GB available!! I started selecting each app to see how large the docs and data were, and I started offloading some of the apps to see what would happen. As per Apple, the ‘Other’ data is occupied by the following files And u can safely delete them from your iphone. Some users may report more dramatic changes in the size of “System” but there does not seem to be much rhyme or reason involved, if you have any hunches share them in the comments further below. After all the resets and clear caches finally, I figured out what the issue on my phone was. from 13 GB of system im now at 5GB! But 80% of the time I see this issue, it’s a 3rd party apps eating as much as it can. I repeatedly see the same offenders. After leaving the phone connected to the Mac for some minutes, System Storage was shown as…wait for it!…6.69 GB! Might not be the problem everyone else has but solved mine (on an iPhone 8 Plus). This is something Android has that iOS still does not. Obviously that’s a significant undertaking however, so that shouldn’t be a first resort for anyone. My system storage is more than 110 gbs running iOS 11.3.1 IPhone 7 Plus no methods are working to clear up other storage please help. You can even turn the diagnostic sharing off in settings. I could now upgrade my iOS to the latest software. Seems to have shifted cached data from system to the storage devoted to the apps themselves. If you have iOS or iPadOS 13, your iPhone or iPad storage is full, and the storage is mostly taken up by "Other" storage, update your device to iOS or iPadOS 13.6.1 or later. This website and third-party tools use cookies for functional, analytical, and advertising purposes. If System is that big it is probably an error. Try to update your iOS now. If you want to perform this step fast, then use the search bar at the top of your settings page and search for “general”, You would then want to scroll down and click on the “iPhone storage” section which will take you to your destination, You then want to scroll to general and click “software update”, Wait for a few seconds for your device to check for any updates and if there are then you would click “download and install”, Beyond this point is straightforward as you should just follow the prompted guide, Open up iTunes son the suggested devices above, Connect your lighting cable with your iPhone and the USB end with your windows or Mac device, If your iPhone or iPad device is locked, then please unlock it using your passcode, Leave your device for a couple of minutes, you don’t need to sync anything, just let it do its job. That’s bigger than a base macOS or Windows installation! Storage, in general, would be would to broad so I would say, “system” storage capacity considers your diagnostic, system cache and health data. Article: Mao’s Pioneering Wife Hope this helps some of y’all. This is weird but it is a blessing for my storage. This backup, deleting content, and restoring worked BEAUTIFULLY for me. Or is a 5s iPhone not capable of this little ‘trick’? The itunes thing totally worked! great. I do see it on an iPad Pro (the 10.5” model). Earlier tonight I had 37GB of system storage, which has been driving me nuts. The rest should be straightforward if you follow the steps below, If you found that this method didn’t work, then there may be a last resort which is, iPhone usually stores data such as safari bookmark caches, iTunes sync fails data and other operating system caches, some applications such as memos and apple music can be deleted using your iPhone, however, the things listed above can only be clean by and iPhone cleaner such as the one below, By using an iPhone cleaner, you would reduce some cached files and other things that take up storage which for sure would decrease the system storage, For this, you would need a lighting cable and a mac or windows device. Just tried doing it, didn’t work so well (no internet connection) but it seems it was all downloaded Netflix movies that had expired. I freed up THIRTY TWO Gb just by disabling the icloud photo backup., Article: Qiu Jin, known as the woman knight of Mirror Lake Copyright © 2019 Vergizmo, All rights reserved. Great? What on Earth is iOS doing? This tip will cover a somewhat quirky way to reduce the total size of “System” storage as found on the Storage settings of an iPad or iPhone. , Just shrunk my system storage from 29GB to 21GB I’ve never paid much attention to storage before, but I looked after reading this article and found my system storage at 7.6GB. Hopefully Apple will fix that bug soon! This does not and is not fix. I deleted both of these apps and after doing so my “other” storage went from 12 gb down to 9gb and system storage gradually counted down over a 5minute period from 12gb down to 8gb. For apps that don’t utilize iPhone’s proper storage etiquette, I recommend ditching. Wow! Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Finally I went through the procedure of reconnecting to iTunes and waiting again, but the amount remained at 6.7 GB. In. Worked! If you travel a lot, navigation apps and weather apps set to go into cache overload as well compared to folks that stick closer to home. I’m only able to open ‘Manage Storage’. I wouldn’t think it would amount to multiple gigabytes of data, but I only closed about 20 suspended apps and recovered 2.4GB, so for me it averaged out to about 120MB per app. – Backup your iPhone to iCloud and iTunes. . A 128GB iPhone and 15% of the size is taken up by “System” and another 10% by “Other” …. Upgrade you iCloud storage plan- You can’t backup ANY iPhone with the free 5GB. I hope it helps. Apple needs to fix the whole backup/restore experience, it was seemingly designed by/for people who live on fiber 1000mbps connections in the Bay Area. The article discusses the best ways. I deleted the project and it immediately freed up 5gb of storage space from the ‘system’ even though I had already deleted the actual video from my photos. Please explain what the heck a “suspended app” is or means? My iphone6 has got 52 GB of system storage when it’s only got 64 GB of storage! This is ridiculous! IOS users with a limiting number of GB such as 16GB then you may want to reduce this number as it may be stopping, you are carrying out other functions such as taking photos and downloading apps and could also be slowing your phone down. One minute your System storage is huge, the next minute it’s twice the size. How?! Had to go through and manually delete. Actually, my bad… when I disconnected it, it went down below 7 gigs… thanks for the tip!! Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. That is my best guess. Or is there any way that can get me/us back to a functional device? Reduced? An issue in iOS or iPadOS 13 might prevent the system from freeing up storage for you. Wait for the restore process to finish. on the phone. Like most comment-ers here, I’ve been an apple user for probably at least a decade or more. How to reduce it, How to reduce the size of the “system” storage capacity, AirPods won’t connect to iPhone? “System” on my iPhone X is taking up 17 GB but I have seen it as high as 28 GB. Why? On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. I wonder if something changed. “System” went from 31gb used to 6.5gb used. Do they have people working on this stuff, or is the entire company working on subscription music services and politically correct Emoji characters? Just prune your WhatsApp chat Media (videos, photos etc) to see your system storage reach to actual levels. My iOS storage went from about 3 GB with iOS 10 to 8GB with 12. What on Earth is Apple doing to bloat iOS system out so much that it takes up 25 GB of storage space? Unlike iMessage that will auto-delete messages, these apps store their data within the phone’s cache and system data. Download google photo. The same people that criticize Apple for being to restrictive, without blinking, will criticize them for giving too much freedom. Share your experiences in the comments below! Treat your device nicely, don’t damage it or leave it in the sun to throw a temperature complaint. However, if you are an iPhone user using up to 256 GB then this may not be a problem for you, but it is still desirable to do so. I assume this will also vary per app – some apps may require much more data to maintain the suspended state. You can check System storage size by doing the following: “System” can be wildly different sizes, sometimes it’s 7 GB or so, but it can also easily be 10GB, 15GB, or even a whopping 25 GB or larger too, often even on the same device type. The update took about 3gb. Thanks for the tip! This also includes caches, your files, and other system functions. As some people mentioned in the comments, it could be the iCloud. I tried reducing System Storage by connecting my iPhone SE (iOS 11.4) to iTunes on my Mac as described. Here’s Why & How to Speed It Up, Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad then go to “General”, Choose ‘iPhone Storage’ or ‘iPad Storage’, Wait for the storage usage to calculate, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the Storage screen to find “System” and its total storage capacity consumption, Open iTunes on the computer, it can be a Mac or Windows PC, Connect the USB cable to the computer, and then connect the iPhone or iPad to that USB cable, Unlock the iPhone or iPad by entering the devices passcode – if you have never connected it to the computer before you will need to “Trust” the computer when that pop-up shows up, Leave the iPhone or iPad connected to the computer with iTunes open for a few minutes, you do not need to sync or anything just let it sit, Launch the “Settings” app then go to “General” and to the “Storage” section of the device, scrolling all the way down to see “System”, it should have recalculated and often (but not always) reduced in size considerably, Disconnect the iPhone or iPad from the computer and USB cable and enjoy your new free storage space. It does nothing to reduce the system storage. I literally had 2gb of storage left on my 6s (64gb). I turned off my iCloud on my iPhone X under settings and it reduced my system storage dramatically. It is simple awesome. 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My hunch is that when you connect an iPhone / iPad to a computer with iTunes, the device starts preparing itself for syncing and may dump some internal caches, maybe virtual memory, and other temp files, and it clears those out thereby freeing up space. I small hint I did was to delete google chrome I hv no idea how it is linked, but for me it reduced abt 2GB. Connect to Wifi and complete that iCloud backup. The “System” section of the iPhone or iPad Storage is likely quite literal, it’s the system software. Within a minute of offloading Apple Store, the system storage dropped by 10GB. It works pretty consistently with my iPhone and iPad too, but I don’t quite understand why.

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