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Not much room for getting in and out of row, quite a squeeze to get into and back out of my seat! were fabulous. ", "N29: "Guys and Dolls" (December 2015). The most beautifully fitted theatre in Europe, the Savoy became famous as the first public building in the world to be lit by incandescent electric lights and in one way or another it has been blazing ever since. Great legroom in all these mid stalls rows, and M was at a nice elevation above all the other rows to see without any obstructions. This helps taxis set passengers down near the Savoy door, makes American and most European tourists feel at home, and allows everyone else to get mown down. When the theatre does not have the tickets you desire available, it is well worth trying the Theatremonkey Ticketshop agency, telephone 020 7420 9778 (0044 207 420 9778 if calling from outside the United Kingdom), offers £200 tickets with a £40 per seat booking fee (£30 on £150, £19 on £95, £17 on £85, £15 on £75, £13 on £65, £11 on £55, £8 on £40, £7 on £35, £6 on £30, £5 on £25 seats) - moderate by agency standards, though higher than box office fees, worth trying as they often have an alternative choice of seats available! Usually, rows K and L have only a little wrong with the value for money, feels the monkey, but don't expect any miracles. Stage is not as high as it was for Dreamgirls and is set back more, could see all the way to the back of the stage (although I am rather tall). -Fotos in Savoy Theatre ,. My wife thought they were great!". You definitely would not want to be in the front two rows. You don’t miss a minute of the show, no part of the performance is obscured! When Row Q are top price, try for the furthest forward you can at top price, there's circle overhang back here. Acceptable in all seats for all but the tallest. "Stalls: (Taljaard): I got a £60 front row of the stalls seat for £25 and it was not bad at all. Then take seats around this - rows K, L, M, N, O, E, D in that order. You have no problems with people needing to get past you. ", "E22: "Dreamgirls" (December 2016). Booking fees per transaction for telephone bookings: I loved it! I felt a little removed so high up from the action, and think the sound could need tweaking, but it was OK; and I was pleased we got to see the show. (Remember that a) these seats were heavily discounted, raising the value and b) there is no guarantee that Ms Lennox will be there to shower them with as much favour at other performances of course, notes the monkey...). Cross Adam Street and ignore the stairs down to Carting Lane. Two wheelchair positions at F1 offer a poor value view of the stage. ", "G26: "Funny Girl" (May 2016) – The view from here is not great due to the bars in front of row F, they blocked the view of the stage so you have to lean forwards if you want to avoid having them in view. If you do take them, expect to see about a third of the stage without leaning. Lighting and sound equipment may block views / make things noisy. The theatre, opened on 10 October 1881, was built by Richard D'Oyly Carte (1844 - 1901) on the site of the old Savoy Palace in London as a showcase for the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, which became known as the Savoy Operas as a result. Other times there may be something to consider before buying – perhaps overpricing, obstructed views, less comfort etc. That seemed to be an issue for rows A to C as well as everyone was leaning. The back four rows were empty so I went and had a sit in one of them during the interval and have to say that I'd be happy there too if the price was right. Seats in GREEN many feel may offer either noticeable value, or something to compensate for a problem; for example, being a well-priced restricted view ticket. It is a longer walk than expected. The view was great and very little restriction. The stage was a bit too high for the first few front rows meaning that neck-craning was essential during many scenes (even for a 6ft 7” tall bloke like me), where performers' waists upwards are only visible from the back of the stage. ", "BB12: "9 to 5" (February 2019), (Mark). Alternatively, if time allows, there is a postage to your home option, costing £2.95 (£4.95 to non-UK addresses) per booking, not per ticket. Telephone: 0844 871 7631 It is often row BB or AA. ATG Breaks have hand picked hotels ideally located near to London's Theatreland including breakfast with every stay. The issue with the orchestra pit appears to have been resolved; there is a generous drop (4 to 5ft); along with a 3ft barrier in front of row BB (the previous comment on this might have been a 'preview thing'?). ", "BB8:  "Funny Girl" (April 2016). The rake in the stalls isn’t great. ", “Rows J and K: We had superb seats in rows J and K central stalls and with the seats angled so you are looking between the two seats in front it wouldn't matter if there was a tall person in front. ", "K18: "Dreamgirls" (April 2017). At the sides, row G seats 1 to 5 and 24 to 26, rows H to L 1 to 6 and 25 to 27, row M 1 to 6 and 21 to 23, N 1 to 7 and 23 to 25 and O 7 to 9 are all very much in the corners of the theatre and offer worst value - especially remembering those prime central seats in the front section are often the same price as rows G to J here... H6, M7 and N8, on the aisle where the seating is staggered, have nothing ahead. Legroom was fine too. WELL...I'd say quite clearly 'restricted view'. Note that this system will confirm exact seat numbers prior to purchase. However, this change has necessitated the use of monitors perched on the circle so that the performers can see the conductor -- ordinarily this is fine, but during one particular scene in the second act where there is minimal lighting on stage, the flickering from these monitors may be annoying to some in the Stalls. Theatres use "dynamic pricing." Although you do have an amazing view of the stage, at certain parts of the show a trapdoor opens in the stage for props and the actors to appear/ disappear and all you can see is a black hole in the middle of the stage. This was problematic as even though the view was decent and not too high up, the people in row A were constantly leaning forward to look over the rail in front of them which meant my view was slightly obstructed by their head at times. Definitely a GREEN along with the rest of the row. We had a lovely view of it all – it’s a dinky, oddly shiny little theatre so we felt close to the action. The staging of the show was amazing, great set and different props being moved on and off stage by the cast. You'll miss the top of the stage and put up with the sound desk, but save a bit. If you see a sidestreet, with Brook Street Employment Agency on your left, turn around and walk towards the busy road instead - you took the wrong stairs. In the larger main block, rows N and O are second price. I was surprised to see so many empty seats but it did mean that I was able to move back a couple of rows at the interval and the view was excellent from row D.", "A16 and 17: "Legally Blonde" (December 2009). Tall reader Paul observes: "J9 and 10: Leg room was OK. Rear section rows are a vertigo inducing distance from the stage for many. There are still occasionally sound issues with the production -- yes, even in middle stalls! Theatre still very hot ( as we commented a while back for 'Gypsy')...lady next to us had to go out half way though second half as she was feeling unwell, not sue if it was heat/feeling faint though. Leave the station by following signs from the platforms to the STRAND street exits. ", "J1: "Dreamgirls" (December 2017). ", "G16: "Fiddler On The Roof", (James – regular reader). The monkey noted that the aisle seats in B to D allowed 1 leg to have a little space, too. Had a fantastic view. Normally, I am prepared to put up with discomfort if I really want to see a show or the seats are particularly cheap but I found that, not seeing the show would be preferable if these were the only seats available. Great view of the whole stage from here, missed a tiny bit of action at the very front of the stage at one point but otherwise could see everything. This was the case for me (5ft 6in) in L14 and also for my companion (6ft) in L13. It's the first time I've visited this theatre, which is gorgeous with its art deco furnishings. The problem is the substantial height of the stage but also they’ve got a very shallow orchestra pit between the front seats and the stage, literally three feet max. "Hearing the front row of stalls is an excellent view due to lowered extended stage. “Row Q: (Jill Dalton). Another six foot person agrees in row N, while a six foot tall man in row C just found legroom tight. ", “D5: "Legally Blonde" (December 2009). ", "E8 and 9: “Legally Blonde”. The seats are quite snug with not a great deal of leg room, but this certainly didn't spoil the show. ", "L14: "Dreamgirls" (December 2016). ", “Back Row: They are very high and a long way from the stage and inevitably the actors are looking at the Stalls audience not right up above their heads where we were.". For personal callers or by post: You get a good clear view of the entire stage from these seats and as they are the front row, the view is completely unobstructed. ", "J28 and 29: "Gypsy" (May 2015). Other comment: the Savoy is a small theatre, and I would say the view in the stalls is good from any row, remembering that the stage is raised, so you will be looking up if you sit in the first five rows.

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