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Marlena takes the opportunity to leave her husband, no longer able to cope with his odd behavior. Jacob is an independent man and feels as though the moment he moved into the center, he ceased being treated as a human being. The next day Jacob wakes up on the train and camel takes him to go see the manager of baggage stock to see about getting a job. Water for Elephants is a story about an elderly man, Jacob, who recalls an adventure in his younger years. Camel is clearly in bad shape. Over drinks, Jacob tells his story for the first time, having held it in all those years for fear of exposing a secret he kept from Marlena. Marlena is a performer, she preforms the Liberty Act. When Jacob overhears a man at the assisted-living center claim to have been a water boy for the elephants on a circus, Jacob knows the man is lying because Jacob himself once worked as a vet on a traveling … Water for Elephants Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to Cecil is thankful and gives him a job working the side shows to maintain order. Old Jacob wakes up and remembers it’s the day he goes to the circus with his family. Al buys an elephant and tells August he has to train it. Marlena is an amazing and beautiful woman in the novel. When Jacob goes back to his room Marlena shows up and tells Jacob that she’s leaving August. Chapter 14: Jacob finds out that Camel has “Jake leg” which doesn’t get better and some men have been red-lighted so camel is moved into Jacob’s room. Jacob finds this behavior disgusting but feels there is little he can do to protect her. Old Jacob tells Charlie everything about his life from the circus to his life with Marlena. Two days after he moves into Walter and Jacob's room, they discuss Camel's future. It turns out his family forgot about him, he’s thankful for Rosemary to help cheer him up but then she tells him that she’s leaving in a week. GradeSaver, 2 November 2018 Web. However, his greediness will punish August before long. While they're in there, Jacob briefly tells her about his past with circuses. All the animals in the menagerie where set free. He beats his animals and later beats his wife, Marlena, a circus performer, with whom Jacob falls in love. That night a new pill was added to his cup of pills he has to take now. While all of that is going on Marlena thinks that she may be pregnant. She wears beautiful costumes during the circus show and attracts the auditorium. Chapter 7: Jacob goes to dinner with August and Marlena. Marlena agrees; however, Jacob has obligations to other members of the circus and cannot leave for several more weeks. GradeSaver, 8 February 2017 Web. They interegate him for awhile, and then they realize he's almost a graduated vet and let him stay for a night to look at Marlena's horse. Jacob develops a guarded relationship with August but falls in love with August's wife Marlena. Jacob goes to dinner with August and Marlena. Jacob has nothing left. Later that night Marlena comes by to tell Jacob that she can’t stop thinking about him. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. 1. Jacob recalls his final days at Cornell, where he studied veterinary medicine. Water for Elephants Study Guide consists of approx. ( Log Out /  Al gets mad at August because Rosie was drinking all the lemonade so August takes the bull hook to her once again, Chapter 16: Old Jacob didn’t notice he was speaking out loud and realized it was the beginning of the end for him. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The Nesci Brothers are picking up some of the acts leftover from the collapsed circus but when Jacob sees them trying to take Rosie he tells them that she belongs to him, Marlena did the same thing with the horses. Chapter 24: Old Jacob is so determined to get to the circus he leaves the old folks home and walks there. ( Log Out /  And he also told Jacob that he had jumped on to a train of a circus, the circus called "The Flying Squadron of the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Sow on Earth". Unfortunately … With Jacob's help, August and Marlena design an elephant act that thrills the crowds. He gets all ready and goes and waits in the lobby for them until everyone else is gone and he’s still waiting. Flashcards. Jacob gets in touch with camels son and they arrange for him to get Camel at Providence. August tries to make amends with Jacob but Jacob declines and doesn’t tell him where Marlena is staying. Gruen wrote the book as part of the National Novel Writing Month. When the owner's head animal trainer learns that Jacob was just days from receiving his veterinary license, he insists that Jacob take a look at one of the horses. Just before graduation he leaves Cornell jumping on a train in the middle of the night. Years later Jacob becomes the veterinarian at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo and they settle in the Windy City, raising a family. Chapter 17:.Jacob learns that Rosie understands Polish and that’s how they would be able to train her. He worked as a veterinarian with a circus. Sara Gruen has written an utterly transporting novel richly full of the stuff of life. Jacob and Marlena decide that they are going to leave the circus to go spend their lives together. The Nesci Brothers circus pulls up and Uncle Al is nowhere to be found. Jacob Jankowski is a main personage and protagonist of this novel. Jacob soon becomes friendly with the animal trainer, August, and his wife Marlena. After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. One guy who's new to the home, Joseph McGuinty, claims that he "used to carry water for the elephants" (1.40). You can help us out by revising, improving and updating Camel comes by, and starts talking to him. We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Chapter 22: Jacob goes to Augusts’ room in the middle of the night planning on killing him but ends up just leaving Walter’s knife on the pillow beside him. She also likes animals, and the elephant Rosie becomes her best friend. Earl takes Jacob to Uncle Al’s car. Water for Elephants is a story about an elderly man, Jacob, who recalls an adventure in his younger years. Marlena run away and the next morning Jacob goes to breakfast at the normal table and learns Marlena didn’t tell August. The Question and Answer section for Water for Elephants is a great However when he chooses to August can also be gregarious, generous and affable. It is a world filled with a menagerie of exotic animals, midgets, freaks, performers, and a sadistic circus boss. Later, several red-lighted circus workers return to release the animals, causing a stampede during a performance. Through the eyes of two versions of Jacob Jankowski—one in his nineties and another in his twenties—readers witness what it was like to fall in love, both with circus animals and with a strong woman. Fearing that Camel will be thrown off a moving train, a punishment known as "red-lighting", Jacob hides him in his own quarters. With Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz, Paul Schneider. Earl takes him to Uncle Al, the runner of the circus, and where August is, the second runner of the circus, and a few of the higher up people. August is a selfish, greedy and egoistic man, who always thinks about the high income. Jacob befriends one of the circus workmen and occupies his day with odd jobs until given the chance to speak with the owner about a more permanent job. Jacob finds out that Camel has “Jake leg” which doesn’t get better and some men have been red-lighted so camel is moved into Jacob’s room. When he finally gets there the kid in the ticket booth tells him to go home but a man named Charlie comes up and takes him to the show. Jacob returns home to bury his parents, only to learn that they had mortgaged their home to pay for his education and were unable to keep up the payments. An editor It helps to look at the facts surrounding the situation, and your own personal feelings in regards to the moral implications involved... What is the theme of Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen? Jacob diagnoses the problem as foundering where the connective tissues between the hoof and the coffin bone are compromised and the coffin bone rotates towards the sole of the hoof, the only thing they can do is keep him off his feet but even that doesn’t for sure heal him. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Sees circus tent at window and it disturbs him. A fight breaks out that leaves both Jacob and August injured. Old Jacob is getting ready for his outing with his family to the circus. Not only this, but the circus owner wants August and Marlena to get back together despite August's violent behavior, and the owner wants Jacob to facilitate their reconciliation. © 2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. They join the Ringling Brother's Circus and live a happy life until Marlena's death.

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