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His co-star was Gail Russell. Overjoyed, Penny throws her arms around him, just as the marshal arrives to question Quirt about the rustling. Required fields are marked *, Sedona Olde Time Photos: At the sound of approaching horses, Quirt grabs his gun and discovers that it has been emptied. Purchase Bradshaw Collection Photos. But, mainly, he has portrayed the change in Quirt Evans, a feared triggerman of the frontier southwest, who, when wounded, is not only nursed to health but subtly won over by Penelope[8] Worth and her Quaker philosophy. One of my favorite westerns. Before they leave, Marshal Wistful McClintock (Harry Carey) comes to question Quirt about a stagecoach robbery. Randy is reading aloud from the Bible given to Quirt by the Quakers, Japan’s Free Stone Takes Aim at the Cannes Market With ‘The Gun’, Top 30 John Wayne Westerns or: Every Western of John Wayne with 5,000 Votes Ranked By Yours Truly with the Overall Rankings of IMDb Users and the Approval Ratings of Rotten Tomatoes Users in the Description of Each Title. Romance, Certificate: Passed As he recuperates he learns about the family’s moral values and religious beliefs. Her sweet and vulnerable demeanor mixes splendidly with his gruff but awkwardly gentle persona.When Wayne's nemesis Laredo (Bruce Cabot) shows up, Wayne is faced with the conflict of adapting the peaceful ways of Penelope, or reverting to his violent shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later lifestyle. One of my favorite movies that was made in Sedona is “Angel and the Badman.” This was the first film that John Wayne starred in and produced. The set continued to be used for movies, until it was torn down in 1959. In 1818 Alabama, French settlers are pitted against greedy land-grabber Blake Randolph but Kentucky militiaman John Breen, who's smitten with French gal Fleurette De Marchand, comes to the settlers' aid. The studio also built a sound stage to film the interior scenes, which was used by the movie industry until 1966. nufs68. Sedona, Arizona, USA 8 of 8 found this interesting Interesting? When Quirt refuses to answer, the marshal leaves. Your email address will not be published. Wayne's inner conflict to change his outlook on life is illustrated well, a great performance for the Duke. It was built for Angel and the Badman, which starred John Wayne, Gail Russell and Harry Carey. Ignoring the doctor's advice to rid themselves of the gunman, the compassionate Worth family tends to the delirious Quirt, and Penny becomes intrigued by his ravings about past loves. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. Her mother had pushed her to acting while she was still in high school. He arrives at a Quaker farm owned by Thomas Worth and his family where he collapses from exhaustion. Penny Worth becomes intrigued by his ravings of past loves.When Evans regains consciousness, Penny explains to him about the Quaker credo of non-violence and way of life. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The film is about an injured gunfighter who is nursed back to health by a Quaker girl and her family whose way of life influences him and his violent ways. Johnny Cash sang a song in 1993 called Angel and the Badman. Penny Worth becomes intrigued by his ravings of past loves.When Evans regains consciousness, Penny explains to him about the Quaker credo of non-violence and way of life. Action, Certificate: Passed The filming started the middle of April and continued until late June of 1946. Your email address will not be published. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Evans asks Thomas and his daughter Penelope to drive him into town in their wagon in order to send an urgent telegram. After Quirt leaves, Penny's fever suddenly breaks. The supporting cast included Harry Carey, Bruce Cabot, Irene Rich and Lee Dixon. Wayne is the "Badman" Quirt Evans meaning that he settles a lot of arguments with guns a'blazin'.He's used to fast draws, fast women, booze, bar fights, and so on. Fearing that he will never be able to live up to Penny's expectations, Quirt abruptly leaves with Randy. Showing all 10 items Jump to: Filming Locations (9) Filming Dates (1) Filming Locations. Penelope is a gentle Quaker woman living in the wilderness of the Old West. Training his weapon on the doorway, Quirt calmly greets Hondo and Laredo. Penny and her family arrive. The marshal then asks Quirt why he resigned as Wyatt Earp's deputy, sold his ranch and crossed over to the wrong side of the law soon after cattleman Walt Ennis was gunned down in a saloon brawl. Filmed In Sedona. Looking for some great streaming picks? Certificate: Passed After wiring a claim to the land recorder's office, Quirt passes out, and Penny cradles him. Republic let him start producing, because they feared losing him to another studio. Written by When Penny's younger brother Johnny (Stephen Grant) rushes home to warn Quirt of his visitors, Quirt quickly prepares to flee. Angel and the Badman (1947) Filming & Production. Mr. Bradshaw filmed silver-screen greats as they came to Sedona to film their movies. Quirt realizes the depth of his feelings for Penny, and they kiss hungrily in the barn, while the camera fades out. Kindly Walt Ennis raised him after his parents were massacred by Indians; then Ennis was murdered. Trailer for this remake of a John Wayne classic. [3] Writer-director James Edward Grant was Wayne's frequent screenwriting collaborator. When the doctor informs Quirt that there is no hope for her, Quirt straps on his pistol and rides into town to exact revenge. Three weeks later, Laredo Stevens (Bruce Cabot) and Hondo Jeffries (Louis Faust) ride into town looking for Quirt. John Wayne befriended Russell and tried to help her. Of course, a romance starts with the daughter, Penny, played by Gail Russell. 37 of 40 people found this review helpful. This remake of the John Wayne classic tells the story of a notorious gunfighter, Quirt Evans (Lou Diamond Phillips), who is wounded and seeks shelter with a Quaker family. [2] The film is about an injured gunfighter who is nursed back to health by a Quaker girl and her family whose way of life influences him and his violent ways. Upon the film's release, The New York Times reviewer wrote, "Mr. Wayne and company have sacrificed the usual roaring action to fashion a leisurely Western, which is different from and a notch or two superior to the normal sagebrush saga.

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