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His talent on the basketball court, massive though it is, may indeed come second to the sheer force of his personality. Watching the series now, in an era in which athletes are engaged in protest at the highest levels of sport, provides another striking counterpoint: Jordan speaks, ultimately, with such care that the only topic we end up hearing him on is himself. “The Last Dance” is more of a celebration of greatness and of a last-of-its kind dynasty. But each captured our attention during the coronavirus pandemic. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. It focuses specifically on star player Michael Jordan who many regard as the greatest to ever play the game, and his incredible teammates and great players in their own right, the ever reliable Scottie Pippen, the incomparable Dennis Rodman and their brilliant coach, Phil Jackson. What are you waiting for? There's no attempt to hide the final outcome of Jordan's last season with the Bulls — if you care enough about Jordan or the team there's a good chance you know, anyway. ", He added: "I’ve seen people who are investigating whether I’m a Democrat or Republican. Topics: Film and TV, basketball, Documentary, docuseries, Michael Jordan, Sport. If his gameplay was dominant, his public self off-court was elusive, and allusive, gesturing at a rich emotional life to which mere spectators would never get access. Maybe audiences were just ready for a fun ride, one that "Tiger King" and "The Last Dance" took us on. If you have a story you want to tell, send it to UNILAD via [email protected]. Despite the access and the testimonials and the film clips and the history and the addictive nature of their stories, when “Tiger King” and “The Last Dance” are over, we don’t know a whole lot more about what makes either one of them tick than we did when the shows started. Yes and no. ", "I’m a huge Obama fan, so for people to say it’s disrespectful and I did that on purpose? They’re more alike than you think. The first, of course, is “Tiger King,” Netflix’s multi-part examination of Joe Exotic, who begins the series as a flamboyant owner of big cats and other exotic beasts and ends it in prison after being convicted of conspiring to have a rival murdered. But his side, perhaps, would have swamped the story — as it does here. That's fine. Like “The Last Dance,” “Tiger King” hit at just the right time to create a sensation — though they premiered at different times during the pandemic, each spoke to what a wigged-out audience felt like it needed then. Among the more compelling aspects of “The Last Dance” is its use of contemporaneous media from the 1990s to show us exactly how mad the attention around Jordan could become.

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