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I already live in Europe. It’s incredibly convenient and simple to travel anywhere in the world and that has been a factor in attracting top global companies. 1. Anyone living or working in Switzerland has to take out health insurance. 2) EducationSwitzerland boasts one of the best educational systems in the world. The cost of living is also a bugbear for expats surveyed by Internations. Your entitlement to a Swiss state pension can be checked here. You pay tax on at least two levels: to the Swiss federation and to your local canton. At the end, students get the eidgenossische matura – the graduation diploma. For more information and conditions get in touch with us. It's the second time Switzerland has topped U.S. News & World Report's Best Countries report, which looked at 80 countries for this year's ranking.If you want to live and work in the best country, send us your CV via the right hand side slide ... You’re almost there, your CV lands you that coveted interview and it’s time to sell yourself. Here are seven reasons why recruiters should move to Switzerland: The standard of living: It’s one of the highest in the world. The tax system is a reflection of the federal, decentralized structure of the state. Yes, I understand. I'm new here and I've spent quite a lot of time trying to do my research, wandering through sites and searches and cost comparisons. I do indeed pay far higher taxes than I would at home and I am fine with supporting a social system. Less than a third (31 per cent) of those surveyed were happy with the friendliness of the Swiss towards foreigners: far lower than the average 54 per cent for all countries in the survey. The average number of children per woman 1.42 – and the typical Swiss woman has her first child at 29.5. This cover is compulsory and you have three months to take it out once you have moved to Switzerland. Burke Bros remain fully operational. If you move to Switzerland from the US, Canada or Australia, you’re going to be far from home. Of course what all those have in common is wealth. Property prices in Switzerland have levelled out recently but website says that you can easily pay CHF1 million (£650,000) for a family house in popular expat places such as Geneva. Britons need a residence permit to be allowed to work in Switzerland. At the very worst we would accumulate enough for a deposit in 2-3 years to buy something in Germany. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When moving to Switzerland is it compulsory for you to take out healthcare insurance within three months of relocating, but for expense this you can expect excellent standards, shorter waiting times and a high level of care. Switzerland is famous for its beautiful mountains. Switzerland attracts more than 8 million international tourists a year, many which are enticed by world famous ski resorts of Verbier and Zermatt. Many British people who move here feel their children will be more secure and benefit from the advantages it has to offer in the future. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research or CERN, home of the Hadron Collider (below), is based in Geneva and attracts top scientists from around the world. I know I made the right choice 13 years ago when I moved here and I don’t regret it! You need to arrange immigration, accommodation, education, childcare, insurance, and utilities. 6) DiversitySwitzerland is a very multi-national country which is open to foreigners, currently more than 20% of the population is made up of resident and temporary foreign workers. You can happily shuffle items between "should" and "shouldn't" depending on your age and background. Please contact us if you'd like to contribute. They are well known for their outdoor and winter sport activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering as well as more traditional sports which are enjoyed by all. How much will it cost – and what's life like for British expats who move there? According to Internations' Expat Insider survey, Switzerland ranks first out of the 61 countries for quality of life. If skiing’s not your thing, the country boasts incredibly beautiful scenery and you can enjoy hiking and biking on established routes. Have I mentioned the skiing? Same-sex unions have been recognised since 2007 and have the same legal standing as marriage. In 2017, I accepted an employment contract with a former employer, Experis, after having worked for over ten years with numerous other global corporations in Zurich. I moved here in 2002 and have never looked back! Data was focused among others on GDP per capita, health, life expectancy, freedom of choice. 3) HealthcareLife expectancy is very high, 79 years for men and 84 years for women, showing they have a quality health care system. Please use it somewhere else and ignore this thread if you have no positive (or negative to the point) responses. There is a large number of British (and American) clubs in Switzerland ranging from those offering Irish dancing to softball and skiing – try for an idea of what's on offer. It is well-known for its science and technological research. There must be more. Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side? Some even take it as far as lying about the length of their previous job or adding a non-existing job. Jen Weaver Our Expat Expert. But there is more to Switzerland than just the above. While English is widely spoken and there are many English societies and clubs, many things are very different to the UK: homeowners are in the minority, for example. THERE IS NO KFC IN SWITZERLAND. If you are a career-oriented individual looking for a great work-life balance, Switzerland is an amazing opportunity you should definitely consider. A Briton, Edward Whymper, was the first to climb the Matterhorn in 1865. Many think of Switzerland as a country of snowy mountains, cows, chocolate and banks where even a glass of tap water costs a fortune. And it is one of the best places to be in recruitment, if not THE best. Here in Switzerland, hiring managers are increasingly making use of outside independent contractors to complete specific projects within a defined time frame, and to perform specific tasks at a defined rate. Expat Health Insurance. And don't forget to thoroughly inform yourself about the tax situation for expats. You start your days early than in other countries but you can finish your work early as well, so you have more time for sports, walking, taking care of your children or basically do all the … There is a healthy competition among the cantons to have low personal taxes. Obtain a residence permit and submit your documents to your embassy. Charlie Chaplin and David Niven made Switzerland their home and current residents include Roger Moore and Phil Collins. If financial benefit is the most important thing in your life, move to the Cayman Islands. As well as banking, Switzerland attracts highly skilled experts in technology, pharmacology and biotechnology. Free and compulsory education starts at seven with the elementary school – volksschule – followed by the gymnasium – secondary school. Wolverhampton But it is not a budget destination: according to the Internations Expat Insider survey, also issued recently, it is the fourth most expensive place for expats to live ranking after Nigeria, Israel and Norway. The global taxation rate for individuals with a gross salary of between 150-250’000 Swiss Francs varies between 20%-35%; far lower than the EU average of around 40%. Fox's Lane According to, while marriage is still the norm in Switzerland, its appeal is falling. And while Switzerland is at the centre of Europe, it is not a member of the European Union – so it's not as straightforward for Britons to move there as elsewhere in the Continent.

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