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That sucked but I still liked the film. Akka Chelli Quotes In Telugu, In the same way that the original Witchboard is deliciously ‘80s, Witchboard 3: The Possession is drowning in huge cell phones and endless stockbrokers who are doing “insider trading” in a way that’s almost patronizing to what the ‘90s were. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Linda doesn't really show any true signs of possession and suddenly there she is at the end wearing a bad 80s suit and hat? Just a little psychic humor of the 80s, worth a watch for some 80's supernatural fun. [7] Tenney saw that she brought an "appeal" that affected everyone at the time, which was something he initially didn't see. That makes so much really is creepy how attached to David he is. The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies, 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies, The 20 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz, 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory. During this embarrassing demonstration, Linda is introduced to the spirit of David. Witchboard manages to accomplish what it sets out to do, even if it does so in an incredibly campy manner, but there’s still something to be said for that. Embalming fluid spews out accordingly. Furthermore, once the demon is finally out, it’s a crazy horned beast with a tail sort of deal. "[4], Retrospective Continuity mistake: When Jim and Brandon are knocked into the water, Brandon dies, but somehow manages to grab hold of Jim and pull himself up. It’s not hard to imagine cast or crew members mocking Tenney’s insistence to stick to the antiquated—albeit accurate—pronunciation, even though nobody goes with the “We-Jah” version anymore. I wish it was more exciting at parts but this is an independent horror film with limited means. Fearing that his woman has fallen into "progressive entrapment"(as suggested by Brandon)Jim recruits a medium, Zarabeth(Wilhoite, from Drowning Mona)to rid their apartment of this evil spirit once and for all... WITCHBOARD is a fun film that is scary depending on when you watch it. Marcus Rosemy Hudl, It’s just such a generic monster rather than anything that’s actually been established in this world. If anything, a much more aggressive reboot of the film would be the right approach to move forward. Fairly good at being overwrought, she screams and panics her way through most of her scenes, while her boyfriends worry about her. The Silence of the Lambs is the fucking bees knees. Lymphoid Leukemia, [7] Tenney viewed the film about the board, who he sees as a character, forcing Jim to reflect on his relationships with Linda and Brandon, the latter whom he had a falling out with. With a modest budget of two million dollars this independent film managed to produce a small profit back in 1986. Recent Recruits Today Unc Football, [7] Though Tenney never believed in the board himself, he admitted the board was "creepy. A beautiful young woman starts receiving messages through a ouija board, claiming to be from the former occupant of her apartment. Furthermore, it brings up the interesting idea that maybe the message you’re getting from the Ouija board is misspelled. But it adds up to a quick moving, decent little cheesy horror movie. Tawny Kitaen has a little nudity here, but if that's your quest, The Perils of Gwendoline is preferable, and at least as entertaining. It’s a weird angle to juxtapose with all the Ouija material but it makes for a film that feels well rounded. "[17] Michael Wilmington of The Los Angeles Times gave the film a mixed review, writing: "Witchboard is smarter, and better acted, than much of its bloody competition. It doesn’t mean a thing. Since when does being possessed mean that the demon can dress you the way he wants? Watch it and think, I can do better than that! Jim takes his revolver, where Linda tells him that he is the “portal”, taunting him into committing suicide. The story goes that Tenney wasn’t allowed to direct Wtichboard 3 because he refused to coerce Ami Dolenz to get naked in Witchboard 2. Incredible! Anyways, get ready for it here because you’ll never be able to un-hear the alternative once you’re done with this film. Address: The medium that’s consulted in the film, Zarabeth, is such a cliché (dyed hair, tinted glasses, bedazzled denim, popping bubble gum…) that it’s hard to believe that this is actually how the ‘80s viewed mysticism by and large. This eventually comes into play with the whole “riflecape” mystery in terms of what the spirit is communicating to Paige and its message actually being “fireplace.” It’s a spin on the formula that works. She is unable to get the door to open, so she punches through the glass and climbs out. Rent Teletubbies Costumes, The sad thing about this film is...NO LINNEA QUIGLEY!! A lot of this stems from Laraine Newman’s portrayal of Elaine, the quirky psychic du jour. There some interesting kills, a scare or two and better than average acting but it still doesn't coalesce yet there was potential. Then later on the possessed version of Brian says to his wife, “I’m not going to kill you. Man, I just wanted to ask the spirits where my dad's porn collection was. Linda becomes intrigued by the Ouija Board & gives it a go herself the next day while alone, Linda contacts David & he seems pleasant enough despite being dead. Great review. If you want a drink thrown in your face, talk to him about "Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II," but he'll always happily talk about the "Puppet Master" franchise. Witchboard 2’s premise sees Paige talking to the deceased “Susan” via a Ouija board (again, everyone knows to pronounce it “We-Jah,” with zero prompting), trying to help solve her murder and give her spirit justice. When it comes to the realm of horror, the various sub-genres that populate the dark corners of the topic are given the ability to refine themselves over the years. I'm just yanking your noodle. Ouija board at parties = mad pussy.And Tawny was tight banging back in the day! [7] Baur explained despite they used a real axe, they had also used prop axes for safety reasons as well as to improve their performances. David is so mad at Jim, that he slashes Brandon's tires! Everyone, grab a Ouija board and call over some spirits. And it’s just fucking nonsense! [7], Todd Allen was cast as Jim, as Tenney felt he was the only one that was true to the role. [7] The costumer gave him a bandanna to "toughen up" his role, which he kept as he was a Bruce Springsteen fan. Talk about a creepy movie...WITCHBOARD is one of those films that stays on your mind long after you've watched it because of its creepy mood and storyline. Few horror films receive just critic ratings. [7], On set, there were numerous running gags that Wagner was mostly involved in. It’s still such bizarre characterization for Mitch though. Suddenly, the ghost turns on the shower to scalding hot temperatures. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So Witchboard is a childhood favorite of mine and it does hold up very well for what one would assume would be a cheesy 80's horror movie. “Has she been swearing?” “Like a truck driver.” “My God…” What’s crazy though is that this whole swearing angle becomes a throughline across the other Witchboard films, too. Lovely Linda Brewster (a warm and appealing performance by ravishing redhead hottie supreme Tawny Kitaen) becomes obsessed with contacting the spirit of a deceased little boy with a Ouija Board. Linda is like Katie only I like. Considering how most characters in movies these days are way two dimensional. [7], Allen was initially dismissive about the scene where Lloyd throws a carpenter's hatchet near Jim's head didn't work too well, but Tenny reassured him. These curious special effects hit their heights at the end of the film where Brian’s body is getting all melt-y and the spirit is attempting to leave him. "[7], One of the central themes of the film was the "bromance" of Jim and Brandon, whose friendship was compromised in a love triangle with the character of Linda. At another moment the power of the Ouija causes a giant wrecking ball to smash into Laraine Newman’s Elaine and her Mystery Machine copyright infringement of a vehicle. On the topic of the film’s sound design, whenever the Ouija board flings itself at Paige it makes a jaguar or some sort of jungle cat sound when it does so, for whatever reason. Director Kevin Tenney will probably be best remembered for a certain little splatter-and-sleaze fest known as Night of the Demons, (not to be mixed up with that lovable 'Bigfoot the rapist' flick, Night of the Demon), but thanks to the fine folks at Anchor Bay, we can enjoy his debut feature again, fully restored and remastered. When the world's goofiest medium (Kathleen Wilhoite) is called in, all bets are off! [7] Initially, Allen was worried that he lost the role when he saw Tenney laughing while sitting in the auditioning room, but he made him laugh because it reminded him of the way he talked and acted. Try this plot hole on for size; Brandon tells Jim that using an Ouija board by yourself is dangerous and that's why Linda is possessed. The plot centers on a female student who becomes entranced into using her friend’s Ouija board alone after it was accidentally left behind at her party, where she becomes terrorized by an evil spirit. OK, I'll stop. The end. When Was Peterborough Cathedral Built, When Jim and Brandon are knocked into the water, Brandon dies, but somehow manages to grab hold of Jim and pull himself up. Funny Cod Warzone Names, Daniel Kurland is a freelance writer, comedian, and critic, whose work can be read on Splitsider, Bloody Disgusting, Den of Geek, ScreenRant, and across the Internet. "[12], Writing for the Great Falls Tribune, Eleanor Ringel noted that the film begins as a "fairly efficient horror movie ... but after a careful, unnecessarily complicated buildup, the film falls apart. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: Ooh the Days When T... What Do You Think of First? Is it too late for Linda and her grossly long fingernails? I was dead wrong. A Few of My Favorite Things About: The Witches (1990).

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